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Cookie Run Kingdom Epic Cookies: Which Are The Best Epic Rank Characters?

Find out which are the best Epic Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom has certain characters that are known as Epic Cookies. This is part of the ranking system that is prevalent in the game. Cookie Run Kingdom distinguishes the cookies according to varying levels of rarity. Now, if you are confused as to which are the best Epic rarity cookies for your team, simply scroll down and find out.

Best Cookie Run Kingdom Epic Cookies list


Cookie Run Kingdom Epic Cookies: Which Are The Best Rank Characters

For the purpose of this list, I will distinguish the Epic Cookies further into which ones are best for which role. This will make it easier for you to make an informed choice. So, let’s find out which are the best Epic Level cookies.

Healing Class


The Healing Class are basically the doctors of the group. Over here you will want to have the Herb Cookie.

Charge Class

The attackers of the group. These make up the front lines of your attack and as the name suggests, will charge ahead with vigor. For this class, you should pick the Werewolf Cookie.


Defense Class Epic Cookie Run Kingdom Cookies

These make up your core defense team. Since these make up the defense of the team, they remain right in the front. The Milk Cookie is the pick of the bunch for this class.

Magic Class

For the Magic Class, you can use the Snow Sugar Cookie.


Ranged Class

These characters are best for long-range attacks and can launch their projectiles from a distance. These cookies usually stay in the back and form the second line of a team. For this class, you can go with the Rye Cookie.

Ambush Class Epic Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom

Ambush characters are best for hushed attacks. They make up the middle row of a team and conduct sneak attacks. For this class, you can choose the Chilli Pepper Cookie.

Bomber Class

Unfortunately, you won’t have much choice if you choose the Bomber Class. For this class, there is just the Poison Mushroom Cookie available.

Support Class

The Support Class is best at filling up team slots. Sort of the all-rounders on the team, they can do a bit of everything and provide good backup. In this class, you can choose the Mint Choco Cookie.

All Epic Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom

Epic Werewolf Cookie Charge Front
Epic Dark Choco Cookie Dark Charge Front
Epic Purple Yam Cookie Charge Front
Epic Kumiho Cookie Charge Front
Epic Red Velvet Cookie Charge Front
Epic Raspberry Cookie Charge Front
Epic Mala Sauce Cookie Charge Front
Epic Milk Cookie Defense Front
Epic Madeleine Cookie Defense Front
Epic Strawberry Crepe Cookie Defense Front
Epic Moon Rabbit Cookie Defense Front
Epic Snow Sugar Cookie Magic Middle
Epic Espresso Cookie Magic Middle
Epic Licorice Cookie Magic Middle
Epic Latte Cookie Magic Middle
Epic Mango Cookie Magic Middle
Epic Squid Ink Cookie Magic Middle
Epic Rye Cookie Ranged Rear
Epic Tiger Lily Cookie Ranged Rear
Epic Pastry Cookie Ranged Rear
Epic Twizzly Gummy Cookie Ranged Rear
Epic Chili Pepper Cookie Ambush Middle
Epic Vampire Cookie Ambush Rear
Epic Black Raisin Cookie Ambush Middle
Epic Sorbet Shark Cookie Ambush Middle
Epic Poison Mushroom Bomber Middle
Epic Mint Choco Cookie Support Rear
Epic Pomegranate Cookie Support Rear
Epic Almond Cookie Support Rear
Epic Cream Puff Cookie Support Rear
Epic Fig Cookie Support Middle
Epic Lilac Cookie Support Middle
Epic Parfait Cookie Support Rear
Epic Herb Cookie Healing Rear
Epic Sparkling Cookie Healing Rear

This is everything that you will need to know about the best Epic Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. While you are here you can also have a look at the Cookie Run Kingdom Defense Tier List.