Cookie Run Kingdom Best Defense Cookie Tier List (2023)

Here are the best Defense Cookies ranked in Cookie Run Kingdom,

Having the best defense cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom is quite important and our tier list will help you see which ones are the best. While it is no surprise for CRK players, if you are new and haven’t emphasized on defending, you might face heaps of troubles going forward. Nevertheless, we will help you see which ones are the best so that you have no trouble going forward.

Cookie Run Kingdom Best Defense Cookies Tier List

Best Defensive Cookies Tier List in CRK

Since you have to take into account the Rarity Level, Cookie Type, and Positioning while creating the best team in CRK, you will want the best cookies in your team. The tier list below will show you which ones are the best Defense cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom so you can select them for your team when you have the chance.

S Tier Defense Cookies

Here are the S Tier Defense Cookies which are usually the best ones to have on your team in Cookie Run Kingdom:

  • Cocoa Cookie
  • Financier Cookie
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie

A Tier Defense Cookies

Although these cookies are quite good, they are not as strong as the S Tier defense cookies in CRK:

  • Hollyberry Cookie
  • Wildberry Cookie
  • Madeleine Cookie

B Tier Defense Cookies

While these cookies are useful at the start, they won’t hold up your defense as well as some of the others in this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list will:

  • Strawberry Cookie
  • Strawberry Crepe Cookie

C Tier Defense Cookies

These are not really good when it comes to defense and players should avoid them if possible:

  • Avocado Cookie
  • Knight Cookie
  • Milk Cookie

That’s all we have from this guide on the best defense cookies in CRK. Since you are playing Cookie Run Kingdom, do check out our dedicated section for more such guides right here at Gamer Tweak.