Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) – How To Beat Stage 11 – 27?

Read this guide to learn how to beat stage 11 - 27 in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK).

Stage 27 of Episode 11 in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) can be quite a tough opponent to beat for many players and with good reason. This episode features plenty of powerful enemies that appear to be initially invincible. Many players feel that this episode proves to be a stumbling block in their quest to progress in Cookie Run Kingdom. With the need for a solution quickly appearing on the horizon, we’ve prepared just the guide for you. Here, we will show you all you need to do to beat stages 11 – 27 of CRK.

How to Beat Stage 11 – 27 in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)?


In order to beat Stage 11 – 27 in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK), you should use cookies that overwhelm Raspberry Cookie. She is the main boss of this stage, and she is extremely strong too. You will need to counter her Raspberry Reprise Skill. We recommend you use cookies like the Licorice, Snow Sugar, Pumpkin Pie, and Cotton to counter her.

Despite the Cotton Cookie being a Summoner, she still is a very good support cookie, although you should not use her as the main source of DPS. You can, instead, use her to support other cookies, like the Licorice and Pumpkin Pie.

For the frontline attack in Stage 11 – 27, you should use the Dark Choco Cookie, as it can exploit some of the Raspberry Cookie’s weaknesses. Dark Choco’s skills enable him to slice right through the defenses of enemies.

The Licorice, Pumpkin, and Cotton make for the perfect accompaniments to Summoners.

As for healers, we recommend you pick the Pure Vanilla Cookie or the Herb Cookie.

Moving on towards treasure compositions, we recommend you use Pilgrim’s Slingshot, Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, and Squishy Jelly Watch. These compositions will help you reduce the potency of the enemy’s defense.

And that’s just about it. With all of these tips, you will be able to easily defeat the Raspberry Cookie in Stage 11 – 27 in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). Just remember to use the right combinations and treasure compositions, and you should be good to go.

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