Does Honkai Star Rail Have Controller Support?

Can you use a controller to play Honkai Star Rail on PC and Mobile? This guide will tell you all about it.

Honkai Star Rail garnered major success across all platforms like PC and Mobile, so players are wondering whether it has controller support. This game, similar to Genshin Impact, is by Hoyoverse and has a vast storyline. Since the game is yet to be released on consoles, players who’re not comfortable with keyboard & mouse or touchpad will have it tough. But is there any way to use any standard joypad to play this game? In this guide, we will tell you whether it has controller support.

Does Honkai Star Rail Have Controller Support for PC and Mobile?

Controller Support in HSR

The answer is Yes! Honkai Star Rail has controller support so you can use a joypad to connect to your PC or Mobile. All you have to do is connect the controller to your phone via Bluetooth or plug it into your PC via a USB port.

So you don’t have to own a console like PS or Xbox to play Honkai Star Rail to play it with a Gamepad. You can easily switch from a mouse & keyboard to a controller on your PC or Laptop.

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If you have a problem connecting the controller to the game, then first, make sure you’ve completed the initial tutorial. This step is mandatory and every player must do it on any platform. Once you’re done with the tutorial, you can move on to connect the gamepad.

Once you link the controller, you can also customize the key bind on PC and Mobile. Then, change the controls according to your preferences. Note that some controls are fixed and cannot be customized. So you’ll have to continue playing with those.

We hope that answers your question as to whether Honkai Star Rail has controller support. Before jumping into the game, you can also check out the Tier List to determine whether you should reroll.