How To Finish The GTA Online Tutorial

Want to play GTA Online with your friends? You need to complete the tutorial first.

GTA Online is an integral part of the GTA V experience. While the single-player story is fun, once it gets over you might want to try out some other stuff. Sure, there may be a lot left to explore, but if you are looking to enter the world of online heists. That’s where GTA Online comes in, no matter if you want to experience it alone or with friends, after you create your character the game brings in Lamar to help you out with the tutorial. So before you go ahead and skip it here is everything that you should know from how to complete it to how long it takes.

How to Complete the GTA Online Tutorial Missions

How To Complete GTA Online Tutorial
Image Credits: Rockstar Games on YouTube

You have to complete 3 missions in the GTA Online tutorial. From character creation till the last mission it should take you anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, you could even get them done faster. They are very simple and here is what you do in them:

  • Race
  • Buy Clothes
  • Customize your Car

Start by creating your character, once done the game hits you with a cut scene where you go on a drive with Lamar. He will now explain you the basics of what you can expect in GTA Online. After you leave the car that’s when the missions start.

Racing Tutorial

  1. Walk inside the blue ring to start your first race.
  2. Now, you get to pick a car, change its color, and select a victory gesture.
  3. Select them all and the race will start.
  4. Finish the race and you will be ready for the next mission.

Stores Tutorial for dressing up

  1. The next mission is to drive to Gerard.
  2. Here you just need to buy any set or piece of clothes that appeals to you.

Car Customization Tutorial

This is probably the only tutorial that matters the most especially when compared to the other two.

  1. In this mission, you get to pick your own car. In it, you will also add a tracker.
    • I suggest you don’t rush the car selection part of the mission as it will be your default for quite some time until you can get a new one.
  2. After you choose your car you have to go to the Los Santos Customs shop.
  3. You will drive it to a garage and get some customization options for changing its colors and other stuff.
  4. Once you are done customizing it, get the tracker and insurance to finally complete the tutorial.

While you may get the option to skip it, I highly advise that you don’t because if you skip the tutorial you can’t access the game’s multiplayer features. You can check our detailed guide on how to fix it.

That’s all for how you can complete the tutorial. If you need more help on other topics of this game then be sure to check out our GTA Online section.