Elden Ring: Best Colossal Weapon Build

Looking for a Strength-based build, Tarnished? Check out our guide to find out the best Colossal Weapon build in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring features a plethora of heavy weapons that can be used for various builds. If you are using Colossal weapons, you might be looking for a build focused on Strength. With the launch of the Colosseum update, several players are getting hands on the Colossal weapons for impeccable victory in PVP modes. But many factors are involved in creating a suitable Strength build. So, you might need a bit of help with a perfect weapon build. Check out our guide to find out the best Colossal weapon build in Elden Ring Colosseum.

Best Colossal Weapon Build in Elden Ring Colosseum

Similar to every build, you need to pick a Colossal weapon, set armor, and a Talisman for your weapon build. So, here’s the best Colossal weapon build:

  • Best Colossal Weapon: Giant-Crusher
    • Alternate Weapons: Dragon Greatclaw
    • Envoy’s Greathorn
    • Duelist Greataxe
    • Prelate Inferno Croznier
  • Best Talisman: Great-Jar’s Arsenal
    • Alternatives: Erdtree’s Favour
    • Green Turtle Talisman
  • Best Armor Set: Fingerprint Set
    • Alternative Armor Set: Elden Lord Set
      Royal Remains Armor

Let’s delve into why the above Colossal weapon build might work out in more detail.

Starting with the Giant Crusher colossal weapon, scales primarily with Strength. It is an excellent weapon if you want to deal massive Physical damage against your enemies. But similar to other Colossal weapons, you require heavy strength to wield this weapon. To balance that out, you can use the Great Jar’s Arsenal Talisman to raise your Equip Load. This would allow you more agility to perform Fat rolls or Cheese Elden Ring bosses. You can also use an Ash of War like Lion’s Claw to somersault your enemies. To finish off the Colossal weapon build, you also need to equip heavy armor. You can use Armor Sets like Fingerprint Set or Royal Remains Armor set for the perfect defense for this build. You can opt for a lighter Armor set for more mobility.

best colossal weapon build elden ring
Image Source – Fextralife on YouTube.

Having said that, you can try out other Colossal weapons, Armor sets, and Talismans. That’s because it all depends on your playstyle, experience, and class type. So, we recommend experimenting with the Colossal weapon build yourself.

Best Stats for the Build

Here are the stats you should level up for the Colossal weapon build in Elden Ring:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Vigor

As a strength-focused Colossal weapon build, you need to increase the above stats primarily. Raising your Strength stat would allow you to inflict more physical damage. Whereas leveling up the Vigor will help cause heavier melee attacks. Lastly, Endurance will allow you to equip heavier armor and equipment. So, make sure to focus and raise these stats until their Soft Caps. After that, you can level up their other stats and attributes based on the Colossal weapon you are using.

That’s everything covered about the best Colossal weapon build in Elden Ring Colosseum. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides on the best Colossal sword build, best swords and weapons for Power stance, best Colossal swords for PVP modes, and more Elden Ring Guides on our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.