COD Bunker Unlock Codes – New Warzone Bunker Codes & Bunker Locations

Try out these new Bunke codes and grab lots of loots.

Here are new Warzone bunker codes with tons of hidden loots. If you are looking for new COD Bunker Codes then you are on the right page. I am going to share brand new Warzone bunker codes for Prison, Farmland, South Junkyard, North Junkyard, Park, and TV Station.

COD Warzone Bunker Codes

We found around 6 bunker codes. You can unlock them by typing the 7 digit code listed below.

1. 72948531 – Prison

COD Bunker Code - Prison

2. 49285163 – Farmland

COD Bunker Code - Farmland

3. 87624851 – North Junkyard

COD Bunker Code - North Junk Yard

4. 97264138 – South Junkyard

COD Bunker Code - South Junk Yard

5. 60274513 – Park (nuke)

COD Bunker Code - Park

6. 27495810 – TV Station

COD Bunker Code - TV Station

Warzone bunkers are a secret place that no one can access. Few more things which are locked and do not reveal what are they are a Computer locked with a password and an old-school telephone. In this COD Warzon Bunker codes guide we will debunk how to open bunkers in COD Warzone, what are the passwords for computers, and how to use the telephone. As far as I had seen recently these items are still unusable in the game, hopefully, an upcoming patch is going to bring major changes in Call of Duty Warzone.

Data miners have pulled out an important clue that reveals how to access bunkers in COD Warzone. It is being speculated upcoming updates will activate the user of Access Cards in Call of Duty Warzone. Access cards sound to be the only way to unlock bunker doors, but what if there were passwords also?

How to open COD Warzone Bunker Doors using Access Cards?

Till yet no one has able to do it, but Red Access cards are commonly found in legendary loots in COD Warzone. Based on various news sources it is also true to the extent that there are two more types of access cards in the game. They are Blue and Green, this indicates there are different types of bunker levels in Warzone. Based on the type of access you will unlock weapons, workstations, safe houses, etc in the game.

A bunker is usually a safe hiding spot in the war zone or something that can take place of a lobby. Players can gather or hide from incoming attacks, also these places are an ideal location to refill, gather consumables, etc. A few bunkers we had seen are empty and big ones are locked.

In a recent interview, COD Developers reveals the secret behind the massive 190GB download size of the game. They have pointed towards different game modes and realistic graphics textures that lead to the massive size of the game. This revelation do points in future COD getting a ton of new content through DLC’s and updates

Recent updates have added the access cards in the game, players have reported finding them in loot boxes. Yet they are doing nothing, just taking a space in the inventory. The next thing will be another update that will activate the items allowing players to unlock bunker doors or Computer terminals. There are over 11 bunker doors in the game with a keypad. If you interact with them you will get denied sound, unless you have the right code.

It is still unclear how access cards are going to play role in unlocking bunkers, but as new patches are lined up soon players will be able to use this access card to unlock something. A Twitch user can get inside the bunker door through a glitch, sadly it was empty.

Update – 19 May 2020

Finally, Bunker’s in Call of Duty Warzone can be unlocked using access cards. You will need to find Red Access Card to unlock the bunker doors which are hidden in a golden orange legendary case

The crates are rare, but you can find on inside the airport hangar and there are chances you will also Red Access Card in blue crates. There is a new card indicator on the bottom left of the screen next to the health and armor bar. A card icon displays the number of access cards you have.

Overall there are 12 Bunkers in Call of Duty Warzone, the Red Card will allow you to access 5 bunkers. One common thing about these five bunkers you do not need any separate entrance, their door, and access code machine is right outside the building. The one you can see in the video above, a bunker door with yellow stripes.

Inside the bunker, you will unlock a load of loot. You will find a lot of blue and orange crates. There is another door at the bottom of the bunker that cannot be unlocked using the Red Access code.