Developer Explains, What Makes COD Modern Warfare a 200GB Game?

Thickest game ever seen

Call of Duty Modern Warfare including Warzone requires around 200GB of storage space on your PC or Console. Turning out to be the thickest game COD Developers shared their views during an interview on the download size. Recent Update 1.20 along with the base game and battle royale mode, this Call of Duty franchise requires a minimum of 190GB space in your system. Consuming almost one-third of the total storage space it is shocking to find what makes COD such a massive download.

In an exclusive interview by, COD developers helped to decode what is hidden behind the huge download size. Geoffrey Smith, the multiplayer game designer, and Joe Cecot, the co-design director of multiplayer from CoD were part of the interview.

With our weapons, characters and the game world, we attach great importance to accuracy and realism. Verdansk alone is huge and there are so many details in the map. One of our goals was to make our multiplayer realistic on the big map to achieve – of course it’s not that easy.

We try to share game content, that is, use models and maps in multiple modes, but it’s just a huge game. We have customized maps for Gunfight mode and for Multiplayer mode and for Ground War and of course we have the big Verdansk map. A lot comes together, like the co-op and single player maps.

Two key factors that make COD a 200GB game is its weapon and realistic character models in different maps. Achieving realistic graphic details on a big map is not an easy task. This lead to an increase in the size of files, as well as different mode, also contribute a lot to the download size.

We try to mitigate the whole thing a bit by packing the modes in DLC packages. So, for example, if you have played through the single player, you can uninstall it again. But it is a difficult topic. We talk about it all the time and try constantly finding ways to optimize the content that we’ve already released.

COD will be packed in DLC’s, divided the modes into smaller packages helping out gamer’s to download them piece by piece. Developers are finding ways to optimize the content to improve the game download. Future patches also aim to provide more optimized content depending on the user choose whether they Ultra HD content or good enough to go with average resources.