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How To Slide Cancel In Call Of Duty (COD) Vanguard?

Learn how to Slide Cancel in Call of Duty Vanguard from this guide.

Call of Duty has always been known for its movement mechanics and COD: Vanguard is no exception. Just like Call Of Duty: Warzone, The Slide Cancel Mechanic is made its debut into COD: Vanguard. Veterans of the franchise would be excited to know of its presence. But for the new players, this guide is for you. in today’s article, I will explain how to Slide Cancel in Call Of Duty: Vanguard.

How to Slide Cancel in COD Vanguard?


slide cancel

Slide Cancel is a Movement Mechanic present in most games of Call Of Duty which includes COD: Vanguard. Before you can perform the Slide Cancel, you will have to change certain settings. First, go to your Controls section in the Settings Menu. Depending on which system you are playing on you will have to choose either Keyboard & Mouse or Controller. Under the Controls option, you will have to go to the Gameplay tab. In this tab, you will have to find the option of Automatic Sprint, set it to Automatic Tactical Sprint. Also, find the Slide Behavior option, set it to Tap. This will make Slide Cancelling a little easier.

Now, to perform the Slide Cancel you will have to first initiate a Slide. Once you are in the Slide, you will have to press the Slide button again to cancel the slide. But on canceling the Slide, you end up in the crouching position. So you will have to press the Jump button. And that’s how you do it. By pressing Crouch, Crouch, and Jump in succession you will be able to perform the Slide Cancel. Depending on what system you choose to play, the controls to perform the Slide Cancel will be different.

  • For PC:
    • L-Ctrl + L-Ctrl + Space
  • For PS:
    • Circle + Circle + X
  • For Xbox:
    • B + B + A

It will take some time to master but once you do, you will be unstoppable. This was all bout the Slide Cancel in Call Of Duty Vanguard. Hopefully, this guide helped you in learning this mechanic. You can also check our guides on Changing Calling Cards & Frames and Transmission Error Fix in Call Of Duty Vanguard.