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How To Fix Transmission Error In Call Of Duty Vanguard?

Read this guide to learn how to fix the Transmission error in COD Vanguard.

Players of Call of Duty Vanguard have had the misfortune of coming across a transmission error across all of the game’s platforms. The error, which appears with a “Disconnected due to transmission error” message, results in players getting disconnected from the game altogether. If you are among the players who have been left feeling frustrated because of this issue, we have got just the guide for you. In this guide, we will walk you through the solutions to bring an end to this error once and for all.

How to fix Disconnected Due to Transmission Error in Call of Duty Vanguard?



Check Server Status

One of the first steps you can take towards tackling the transmission error in COD Vanguard is to check the server status of the game. Doing so will help you identify if there are any issues or outages with the servers of the game. If there are any issues with the servers, you will need to wait for the developers to fix them. To know more about servers, check out our COD Vanguard Server Status guide.


Check your Internet Connection

Another possible fix to this issue is to check your internet connection. If your connection is not functioning as it should, you can try to switch networks. Once you do so, try to play Vanguard and check for the transmission error. If it continues to occur, read this guide for other potential fixes.

Alternatively, you can even try to switch over to the internet from a mobile hotspot and see if that works.


Pause Background Processes

If there are any downloads occurring in the background when you play COD Vanguard, we recommend you pause or completely stop them. In doing so, you might just about help the game function smoothly.

Re-start COD Vanguard

With the server status dilemma out of the way, the next thing you can do is re-start Call of Duty Vanguard. Doing so might just about solve the error. Once you re-start the game, check to see if the transmission error persists. If it still does, you might need to keep reading this guide to check for other potential solutions.


Re-start the System to solve Transmission Error

Another possible solution that you can execute quickly is to simply restart the system you play Call of Duty Vanguard on. Obviously, this process will vary depending on the platform you play on. However, once you do restart the system, open Vanguard once again to see if the transmission error persists. If it still continues to occur, you might need to check for other potential solutions in this guide.

Check for Updates in Call of Duty Vanguard

Another step you can take to make sure issues like transmission error never occur in the future is to make sure the game is up to date. To check if your game is running on the latest version, you can look for updates. If you do find any updates, we recommend you download them. Once you do so, try playing the game again and see if the transmission error occurs again. If it does, you might need to take more complex steps, like the one mentioned below.

Re-install Call of Duty Vanguard

If all else fails, you might have little choice but to uninstall Call of Duty Vanguard and then re-install it again. Before doing so, though, we need to warn you. There is a possibility you might lose your game progress or any other important data. Because of this, it is imperative you make sure to have sufficient backups before you execute this step.

So there you have it. These are all of the possible solutions to the “Disconnected due to transmission error” in Call of Duty Vanguard. As you can see, since this issue is most likely caused by factors related to the developers, you might just need to sit tight and wait for a patch or an update to solve it. To be safe, you can also make sure your internet is working as it should.

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