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All COD Vanguard Multiplayer Maps – 17 Original Map Blueprints

This guide has detailed images of all seventeen COD Vanguard Multiplayer Maps.

Knowing your map plays a big role while playing a shooting game like COD Vanguard. There are around 17 different unique multiplayer regions. Knowing the in and outs of the map is vital for a player. It will give you an edge in the competition. Carrying the best loadout is one thing, but knowing the regions is where you can figure our enemies. Having their locations in advance will let you plan your next steps. This guide has map blueprints that reveal every nook and corner. Some maps have more cover while some are small with limited space. There you will have to go aggressive, in the bigger map you can plan a defensive strategy and take your time. Do not forget to read the All COD Vanguard Multiplayer Maps guide till the end for more interesting tips on the game. [Click on the image for higher resolution image download]

1. Berlin


COD Vanguard Berlin Map

2. Bocage

COD Vanguard Bocage Map


3. Castle

COD Vanguard Castle Map

4. Champion Hill


COD Vanguard Champion

5. Das Haus

COD Vanguard Das Haus


6. Decoy

COD Vanguard Decoy

7. Demyansk

COD Vanguard Demyansk

8. Desert siege

COD Vanguard Desert Siege

I am going to update this guide with more screenshots. Till then you can try out our guides on different COD Vanguard. Like MP40 SMG Loadout guides, STG44 Loadout, etc. I am also going to share some tips on multiplayer matches. If you are playing solo or with friends then these tips will give you an edge over others.

  1. Optimize Game Settings: Certain game settings are not required and can slow you down. For example Motion Blur, Depth of Field, Weapon Motion blur. Set them low or reduce their impacts to 50%. Focus a lot on playing so that you can level up fast. By reaching Level 60 more amazing attachments will be added to your inventory.
  2. Get the best Perks and Attachments: Having the best weapon is one thing, but playing with the best load-out is important. Load-outs will let you get better speed, higher mag size, and performance. Always keep experimenting with your load-outs.
  3. Know your Map & Breakable objects: Knowing a map is a big deal, knowing what thin spaces to avoid and where to hit plays a big role. A lot of players got trapped in unknown zones and get killed faster. Breakable objects are the ones that can give you an opening to shoot down enemies before revealing yourself.

Keeping these three key points in your brain will help you to perform better in COD Vanguard. Till then do not forget to go through our guide section for more help on the game.