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Clash Of Clans Update Not Working Fix (2023)

Here's how to potentially fix the CoC update not working issue.

Clash Of Clans by Supercell is a highly popular game that gets frequent updates that are jam-packed with new content. But some players are not able to play everything that’s new because Clash Of Clans update is not working. Here’s what you can do in case such a situation arises.


How to Fix Clash Of Clans (CoC) Update Not Working Issue?

coc update not working fix

These are the things you need to do in case the Clash Of Clans update is not working for you.

  • Check if you have the update in your region – Sometimes, the update isn’t rolled out worldwide at the same time by the developers. There might be a slow rollout and it may not be available in your region/country yet. Wait for some hours and check again if you have the “UPDATE” button on the Play Store or App Store. If you have set the game to have automatic updates, check the “Updated” date under the App Information on the store to confirm if you have the latest version.
  • Check if you have enough space for the update – Sometimes our phones are crammed with a lot of unnecessary stuff leaving no space for updates in apps or new apps. If that’s the case, remove those files or apps that you no longer use and make way for the COC update to complete without issues.
  • Reinstall the Game – The way to potentially resolve issues such as this one is to reinstall the game. Don’t worry, your progress will not get deleted. Ensure that you re-download COC via the same account and use the same Supercell ID for the game and you can continue from where you left off. Of course, before uninstalling, confirm if you have connected your game to your Supercell ID. Head to the in-game settings and check the button under Supercell ID. If it is green and shows Connected, then you can uninstall it.

Lastly, if you think the problem is happening only to you, and your friends are able to download the update, you can contact Supercell Support for additional assistance.