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New World Coagulated Blood Location And Uses

In this guide, you'll learn how and where to find Coagulated Blood in New World and what to use it for.

Coagulated Blood in New World is extremely rare and players are frantically searching ways on how to find it. In this guide, you’ll learn how you can find Coagulated Blood in New World.

How to Find Coagulated Blood in New World? (Location)


coagulated blood

Coagulated Blood is found by killing higher-level enemies in the Amrine Excavation Dungeon. This is currently the only place where you can find the resource in New World. This is one of the dungeons in New World that has a ton of elite enemies and a boss-fight you’ll have to work your way through. If you wish to just gain a small amount of Coagulated Blood, you need not fight the final boss. Simply fight the elite enemies around the vicinity and they should drop a fair amount of Coagulated Blood. Remember however, that while no enemy has a guarantee of dropping Coagulated blood, the elite enemies inside the Dungeon have a higher chance of dropping the same.

Where to Farm and Get Coagulated Blood in New World?


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You’ll need to complete the Amrine Excavation and defeat the final boss if you wish to farm Coagulated Blood. Once you finish with the excavation the first time, you’ll need to craft an Amrine Tuning Orb. This Orb is the only way you can return and gain entry to the Dungeon after the first run. Remember though, you’ll need a team because the elite enemies are pretty tough to break down.

How to Craft Amrine Tuning Orb in New World?


amrine tuning orb

You need an Amrine Tuning Orb to do a Coagulated farm run aka Amrine Excavation Dungeon run. Here’s how you craft it.

  • Get to Stone Cutting Skill Level 25
  • Get to a Stonecutting Table Tier 3
  • You’ll further need the following ingredients
    • 10 Corrupted Silvers
    • 1 Iron Chisel
    • 50 Stone Blocks
    • 1 Eternal Heart
  • Once you’ve crafted the Orb, you’ll be able to enter the Amrine Excavation Dungeon again.
  • Remember that once you get the Azoth Staff you get a free Amrine Tuning Orb you can use.
  • Failing to survive in the dungeon means you lose your Amrine Tuning Orb so be careful.

Tips to Get Coagulated Blood Fast in New World


Here are a few tips you can use to get Coagulated blood fast in New World.

  • Remember to get a 4-person team.
  • Rely on ranged attacks while facing elite enemies.
  • Let the other players use their Amrine Tuning Orbs so you can save yours until you absolutely need it.
  • Run through the dungeon and leave the lower enemies alone.

How to Use Coagulated Blood in New World?

coagulated blood uses

Coagulated Blood in New World is used to craft rare and unique Amrine Temple Weapons which are extremely useful in the game. Here’s a complete list of all the weapons that need Coagulated Blood.

Weapon  Skill  Level Required
Amrine Temple Longsword Weaponsmithing 60
Amrine Temple War Hammer Weaponsmithing 60
Amrine Temple Great Axe Weaponsmithing 60
Amrine Temple Round Shield Weaponsmithing 60
Amrine Temple Kite Shield Weaponsmithing 60
Amrine Temple Rapier Weaponsmithing 60
Amrine Temple Hatchet Engineering 60
Amrine Temple Bow Engineering 60
Amrine Temple Musket Engineering 60
Amrine Temple Spear Engineering 60
Amrine Guard Helm Armoring 60
Amrine Guard Breastplate Armoring 60
Amrine Guard Gauntlets Armoring 60
Amrine Guard Greaves Armoring 60
Amrine Guard Boots Armoring 60
Amrine Tracker Hat Armoring 60
Amrine Tracker Coat Armoring 60
Amrine Tracker Gloves Armoring 60
Amrine Tracker Leggings Armoring 60
Amrine Tracker Shoes Armoring 60
Amrine Scout Hat Armoring 60
Amrine Scout Coat Armoring 60
Amrine Scout Gloves Armoring 60
Amrine Scout Leggings Armoring 60
Amrine Scout Shoes Armoring 60
Amrine Temple Fire Staff Arcana 60
Amrine Temple Life Staff Arcana 60
Amrine Temple Ice Gauntlet Arcana 60

That’s pretty much all there is to know about how you can find Coagulated Blood in New World. You’ll need to ensure that you’ve got a smooth system running efficiently for the Amrine Excavation. Here’s a guide to help you get Max FPS in New World. Furthermore, another important resource in-game is money aka Gold. Refer to this guide to learn how you can make money fast in New World.