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How To Get Clover Marker In Find The Markers

Get lucky with this guide on how to unlock the Clover Marker in Find the Markers.

Trying to find the Clover Marker in Find The Markers? Then you’re at the right place. Roblox game Find the Markers is a fun experience where you search and collect all the Markers you can find. If you think you can collect them all, then think again cause the developers regularly add new Markers to the game. One such new marker is the Clover Marker and we are here to help you get it in Find The Markers.

How to Get the Clover Marker in Find the Markers (Location)

how to get the clover marker in find the marker
The Clove Marker was added to the game on 5th March 2023. He is part of the St Patrick’s Day update that also added the Lucky Marker. Spawn into the game and walk in the direction of the forest region. You’ll know you’re in the right place if there’s a brown house in the area. Make your way to the staircase made of grey stone and climb it. The area on top has a tree stump with a thin vine attached to it. Carefully balance yourself and walk towards the opposite rock. Now hop around the trees until you are at the very edge of the map. You should see a small green clover laying next to the grey rock. Walk over to the clover and you’ll be transported to the secret clover room.

This is the room where you’ll unlock the Clover Marker. The room is filled with small clover leaves that are scattered all over the place. To unlock the clover you’ll have to touch any five of these leaves. Once you do that, the Clover Marker will spawn in the area. You can now add him and expand your Markerdex. Be sure to collect the Clover Marker as quickly as you can, unfortunately, he is only available till the end of March.

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