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Roblox Find The Markers – How To Get Gummy Marker?

Here's our guide on where to find the Gummy Marker in Roblox Find the Markers.

Find the Marker is a fun-to-play game where you are tasked with finding all the hidden markers. While the difficulty level of finding these markers vary, some of the markers are too difficult to find. With the newest Candyland update, the Roblox game has added over 25 new markers across the Candyland. Gummy marker is one of the markers that are too difficult to find. Not to worry, here’s our guide on how to get the Gummy marker in Roblox Find the Markers.

How to Get Gummy Marker in Roblox Find the Markers?

As you open the Gummy marker in the markers list, you get a hint that “the colors above the door mean something”. It is hinting at the hidden switches placed in the Candyland that are bound to miss. There are four switches and they have to be clicked in a specific way to unlock a hidden door. This hidden door contains the Gummy marker. You need to press the red, blue, yellow, and green switch respectively to unlock it. The hidden door will be unlocked only after you press these switches in that sequence. Mentioned below are all the locations where you can find these four switches:

find the markers hint

Red Switch

  • The first switch is inside a Gingerbread house.
  • As you enter the house, you will notice a red switch on the right side of the entrance.

red switch

  • Click on the Red switch.

Blue Switch

  • You can find the Blue switch on the top of the blue lollipop.
  • Get to the small area above the Gingerbread house to get closer to the blue lollipop.

 find the markers blue switch

  • Then, click on the blue switch.

Yellow Switch

  • Now, look for the yellow lollipop and head towards the top of it.
  • Then, head over to a green lollipop next to the yellow one.

yellow switch gummy marker

  • You need to zoom out your camera a bit to press the switch.
  • Then, press the yellow switch right down to a green lollipop.

Green Switch

  • For the last one, look for the brown lollipop.
  • You will notice the green switch in a small area between the chocolate fountain and the brown lollipop.

find the markers green switch

  • As you press on the last switch, head over to the secret door to get the Gummy Marker.

Unlocking the Secret Door

  • The secret door is located below the pink lollipop.
  • As you walk a bit further, you will notice a small area.

secret door

  • There’s a very small ledge and a wall obstructing the secret door.
  • Upon falling, you spawn right outside the ledge. And you will spawn there even if you jump from a platform above it.
  • So what we need to do is a leap outside and head right back on the ledge.
  • Then, head inside the door and get the Gummy marker.

As the difficulty level of finding this marker suggests, it can even take you more than a couple of times to get this marker.

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