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Hogwarts Legacy: All Classes, Lessons, & Subjects To Attend

Missing some important lectures? Check out our guide that explains all the classes and lessons in Hogwarts Legacy.

The vast-open wizarding world around Hogwarts offers plenty of freedom in Hogwarts Legacy. Since wizardry is not only about fun, you have taken on different classes to master them. As you take on these classes, you need to hone your skills and spell-casting abilities with different lessons. These lessons or classes may vary according to the different subjects. If you are a true Potterhead, you might be aware of most if not all the classes. But if not, we are here to explain every subject or class. So, check out our guide that explains all the classes and lessons in Hogwarts Legacy.

All Hogwarts Legacy Classes & Lessons (Explained)

In total, there are eight classes or subjects that you can take part in Hogwarts Legacy confirmed as of now. They are as follows:

  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Herbology
  • Potions
  • Flying
  • Charms
  • Beasts
  • Astronomy
  • Divination

So, let’s delve into each of these Hogwarts Legacy classes, lessons, or subjects in more detail:

Defence Against the Dark Arts

If you have gone through multiple Harry Potter marathons, Professor Snape would instantly come to your mind. But here in Hogwarts Legacy, this class is taught by Professor Dinah Hecat. For the players looking to battle against dark wizards, defense against dark arts classes can prove quite effective. Since the dark wizards can use unforgivable curses against you, putting your guard up with the defense is a must. Along with the defense, these classes would also help you duel and use some offensive spells.

hogwarts legacy classes lessons


Quite like the high-pitching sound of Mandragora or Mandrake, Herbology classes can be a bit irritating for wizards. Despite that, Herbology classes can help you learn the plant life around the wizarding world. These classes are taught by Professor Mirabel Garlick. As the lectures or classes take place in the greenhouses around Hogwarts, it can be pretty nostalgic.

hogwarts legacy classes lessons


Unlike Harry Potter, not every wizard is a chosen one. Potions classes can help you brew a wide range of mixtures including the Lucky potion. These classes are taught by Professor Aesop Sharp. You will also learn about the ingredients that are used to brew incredible potions. This can help you restore your health and other stats in Hogwarts Legacy.


As the name implies, Flying classes can help you master mounting the broom in Hogwarts Legacy. Taught by Professor Chiyo Kogawa, you have to complete the Flying Class quest to unlock a broom. However, it is not confirmed that you can take on these classes after that. Nevertheless, you can complete different trials to upgrade your broom.


These classes can help you learn plenty of enchantments, charms, and spells. Charms classes are taught by Professor Abraham Ronen that also gives you a class assignment. Similar to the Potter lore, Charms classes will help you learn spells like Accio and Wingardiam Leviosa.

hogwarts legacy classes lessons


This is a perfect class for players that want to learn about the different beasts and creatures around the Wizarding World. The Beast classes are taught by Professor Bai Howin. Along with learning about them, these classes will also help you deal with these beasts. Depending on the nature of the beast, you can either attack or kneel against them to befriend or tame them.


These classes can help you learn about the stars, constellations, and planets around the universe. It is taught by Professor Satyavati Shah. However, it is not confirmed if you can take on these classes later in the game.


Divination classes are all about predicting future events and foretelling prophecies. In these classes, you will use an extensive range of rituals, magical items, and tools to do so. These classes are taught by Professor Mudiwa Onai. You might have to use the future-telling crystal ball to predict the future.

What are the Classes that Might not be Attendable in Hogwarts Legacy

Furthermore to the above classes and lectures, some several other subjects or classes might not be attendable. Although there are more classes and professors, it is not confirmed if you can take on their classes.

Here’s a list of the classes and their professors in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Magical Theory – Professor Eleazar Fig
  • Transfiguration – Professor Matilda Weasley
  • History of Magic – Professor Cuthbert Binns

Since it is not confirmed if we can take on some classes, we will make sure to update this guide when more information is revealed. Until then, check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki page to find out everything related to the game.

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