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How To Romance Claire Russel In Cyberpunk 2077

Do you want to romance claire in Cyberpunk 2077? Are you thinking about wanting to have a relationship with claire. Check here how to do it

Can you romance Claire in Cyberpunk 2077? This is a question on the minds of almost everyone that has gotten into the game. If you’re smitten by Claire and wish to know whether you can romance her or not, you’ve come to the right place.

Can You Romance Claire In Cyberpunk 2077

No, sadly you cannot romance Claire Russel in Cyberpunk 2077. Claire is a bartender at the Afterlife bar to whom you get introduced midway through the game. Claire is a breath of fresh air as an NPC and it seems that a lot of people have fallen for her.

can you romance claire in cyberpunk 2077

She’s known for creating drinks after legendary Night City characters and immortalizing them in her works. One of her most famous is the Johnny Silverhand that she makes for our protagonist V.

While she has generated a lot of interest in Cyberpunk 2077 players, she cannot be romanced, on top of that you cannot even meet Claire outside of the Afterlife bar and she only has a limited role.

Whether this changes in the future we’re not sure but we’d like to see future updates bring more romance options to the game.

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