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Elden Ring Cinquedea Dagger Bug Fix

Trying to get the Cinquedea dagger but dying when jumping off the ledge in Elden Ring? You should learn about its bug and the fix for it.

The Cinquedea dagger gets a bug in the latest update of Elden Ring of v1.03. This update has fixed many major issues like arcane scaling and some other minor bugs. It also broke some other things in the game. And Cinquedea is unfortunately one of them. It is a pretty decent weapon, especially due to the fact that you can get it quite early in the game. So in this guide let us take a look at the Cinquedea bug in Elden Ring and how to fix it.

How to Fix the Cinquedea Dagger Bug in Elden Ring


elden ring cinquedea bug fix

There is currently no fix for the Cinquedea Dagger bug in Elden Ring. The bug started happening for players after the update 1.03 patch. In order to get this dagger players had to go west from the Bestial Sanctum and drop down from various platforms. When you finally reach the last platform at the bottom you will find an open balcony-like area where you can get this dagger. But due to this bug what happens is you can’t make it down to even the first platform after the branch. And your player dies instantly. This isn’t even a case of fall damage as your player dies the moment you jump before even hitting the bottom.

While there may be no solution for it now, you can fix it by updating your game to the latest version once it is out. So all you can do right now is to wait for the developers to patch this bug and release an update with its fix.


Cinquedea Dagger stats

Cinquedea is a weapon that falls under the Dagger type. It scales with Strength and Dexterity and is an excellent choice of weapon for the Warrior class. It has a weight of 3.5, below are its other stats.

  • Physical Damage (Phy): 98
  • Critical Damage (Crit): 100


Required levels to use this weapon.

  • Strength (Str): 10
  • Dexterity (Dex): 10

It also has the weapon skill Quickstep which costs 3 FP to use. And lastly, you can upgrade this weapon by using the Somber smithing stones.


That covers everything you should know about the Cinquedea Dagger bug in Elden Ring v1.03 and how to fix it. This isn’t the only bug that this game has faced, if you are interested in knowing about some others then check our guides on the Rivers of blood, Sellen quest, and Rennala boss fight bugs in Elden Ring.