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Elden Ring Rennala Boss Fight Bug Fix

Trying to fight Rennala but she just floats aimlessly in Elden Ring? The boss fight has encountered a bug, keep reading to learn its fix.

Many players are unable to fight the boss Rennala in Elden Ring due to a bug. What happens here is she and her students are missing the golden shields that are an important part of her first phase. So no matter how many of her minions you kill you won’t be making any progress. But there are a few ways that you can try to resolve this issue. So in this guide let us take a look at the Rennala boss fight bug in Elden Ring and how to fix it.

How to Fix the Rennala Boss Fight Bug in Elden Ring


elden ring rennala boss fight bug fix

In this bug, when the fight starts Rennala and her minions are missing golden shields and she floats aimlessly. There are multiple speculations as to why you get the Rennala bug and different workaround to resolve it. Let us check all of the below fixes.

  • Don’t Play multiplayer: Many assume this bug has to do with co-op, when you summon a friend to fight her this bug occurs. So you can resolve it by simply not using summons for this fight. While this may not really sound helpful but her fight is quite easy you can defeat her first phase in no time and the second phase after a few times maybe. In case you need some extra help with her then check our guide on how to cheese Rennala.
  • Fight her at night: This is a rather odd fix but apparently worked for Reddit user u/joao-louis. You can check their discussion in this thread here. Simply wait till night and then go challenge her. You can also change the time by using any site of grace.
  • Summon and enter the room: If you are insistent on fighting her by using a summon, then this fix should work for you. Basically, summon your friend or a stranger before entering. But instead of waiting for them to get summoned completely. Enter the boss room. This should start the fight correctly and also let your summon join the fight.
  • Restart the game: This is the most basic fix that you should try if none of the above fixes work. Close the game completely and try playing again, once the game starts, the fight should work properly.


That covers everything you should know about the Rennala boss fight bug in Elden Ring and how to fix it. You should also check our other boss guides for how to beat Radagon of the Golden Order, Elden Beast, and Godfrey.