Pet Simulator 99: How To Get All 50 Christmas Presents (Locations)

Collecting all 50 Christmas Presents can be tough without knowing where you can find them. You can follow this guide to get all the locations and claim your gifts.

Pet Simulator 99 welcomed its Christmas Event that commenced on the 16th of December. During this limited-time event, all Roblox players will be able to collect and earn special gifts through Christmas Presents. All these Christmas-themed Presents have been hidden in different areas of the map.

Since all these wrapped gifts can help you obtain numerous rewards, collecting them should be your main goal during this event. In this guide, we have mentioned all the locations where you can find these 50 Presents. If you are ready to begin this winter treasure hunt, here is everything you need to know.

All Pet Simulator 99 Christmas Presents Location

All Pet Simulator 99 Christmas Presents Location
Image Source – FaZmash on YouTube
Present No.LocationZone
1Find the gift between zones 1 and 2.Zone 1
2This gift will be located outside the castle door, hidden behind a tree. Zone 3
3This gift can be found near the Pets Equipped Machine, under the Christmas tree. Zone 4
4Complete the Classic Obby in this zone and climb on top of the winning platform to get this gift. Zone 5 
5Go near the cherry blossom trees in this zone and towards the end you will find this present hidden behind a tree.Zone 6
6Find this gift outside the red color barn. Zone 7
7This present will be placed on a rock, near the waterfall. Zone 9
8Your next present can be found near the entrance of the Minefield mini-game.Zone 11
9After collecting the previous gift, head inside the Minefield Obby and complete the mini-game to secure your present.Zone 11
10This present can be found behind the tree opposite the Free Potions chest.Zone 17
11Navigate the Jungle Obby and during the mini-game try to find the gift in the first gap by the rolling boulder section.Zone 18
12Get into the cave with the anchor. Now, swim up and you will spot a present on the ceiling.Zone 22
13Enter the Atlantis Obby and go towards the right. You will find the present resting inside a pearl shell.Zone 23
14Look behind the tall tower on the left before you enter the Fishing Portal and collect your present.Zone 27
15Go inside the Fishing mini-game. You will find this gift on a cliff located in the right-hand side. Zone 27
16Enter the Fossil Digsite mini-game and look for the present behind a skeleton. Zone 30
17Begin the Pyramid Obby and you will find the gift just before the spikes.Zone 31
18This present will be located inside/near the Rainbow Pets machine. Zone 31
19Find the next present on top of a cactus tree. Zone 32
20You can look for this gift behind the General Store’s wooden shed, that is on the right side. Zone 33
21You will have to look for the next present behind the tree and it will be hidden inside a bush. Zone 35
22Find this present in front of the middle house.Zone 37
23The next gift will be gift stuck inside the ice on the wall.Zone 38
24This present will be located next to the Advanced Merchant, on the snowman’s head.Zone 39
25You will find this present on top of the roof of the first house. Zone 40
26This gift can be found at the entrance, on the right-hand side of the Sled Race mini-game. Zone 40
27You will find this present near the icy waterfall.Zone 41
28The next gift is hidden in the lava on the left-hand side of this area.Zone 43
29Find your next gift near the Obsidian Cave’s entrance. Zone 44
30Go inside the Chest Rush mini-game and you will find the present near an iron tower.Zone 45
31The next present will be located inside the mouth of a dinosaur skeleton.Zone 46
32This gift will be hidden near the left-hand side, towards the corner. Zone 48
33The next gift will be located opposite the statue and behind the pink cherry blossom tree.Zone 50
34You will have to go near the Rebirth 2 statue, and find this gift behind the giant gate. Zone 50
35This present will be located inside the Fire Dojo on the left, next to the Rare Enchants vending machine.Zone 51
36Find the next gift on the roof of the third house. Zone 51
37You can spot this present near the house on the right behind the bamboo shoots.Zone 52
38You can enter the Flower Garden and you can find the next present behind the glass house.Zone 54 
39This gift will be located near the small flower field and can be found on the bridge. Zone 54
40You will find another gift behind the shed on the right as you enter this area.Zone 55
41This present can be found behind the wall, towards the left of the Clan Banner. Zone 56
42Claim the next present by entering the small passage that is filled with water, towards the left of the castle. Zone 58
43You can find this gift near the entrance of the village that consists of small wooden houses. Zone 59
44Once you enter this zone, you will find this gift near a bunch of crystals on the right hand side. Zone 61
45The next gift can be found right opposite the previous location. This one will also be hidden behind the white crystals.Zone 61 
46Enter the Cart Ride mini-game and find your gift near the starting line. Zone 61
47You will find the next present In the corner on the right immediately after you enter this area.Zone 62
48Another present will be located in the corner on the left next to the Snow Merchant.Zone 63
49Once you are near the Snow Merchant, go towards the right side and find the next gift, which will be hidden in the corner.Zone 63
50You will get the last present inside the Trading Plaza, under the leaderboard, towards the left. Trading Plaza

Now that you know how you can get all 50 Christmas Presents in Pet Simulator 99, you can begin the hunt and claim all these free rewards. Additionally, you can also check out the list of all the Biomes and how you can unlock Tunnel Doors, all available here on Gamer Tweak.