List Of All Biomes In Pet Simulator 99

Here is a list of all the areas that you can unlock in Pet Simulator 99.

If you think you have seen it all with the first couple of areas in Pet Simulator 99, then you are in for a surprise once unlock the rest of the biomes. Each biome comes with its own unique theme and facilities. The recent update 2 brought in additional areas for players to unlock taking the total biome count to 63 in the game. Since the list is quite extensive, it can be hard to keep track of all the biomes and confusing to know how to unlock all of them.

All of the biomes in Pet Simulator 99 will provide you with different facilities that can be deemed helpful in the long run. For example, the Pet Equip Machine in Area 4 will help you increase the size of your pet team making way for more unique ones. So if you want to know about all the areas and the facilities that they provide, then here is a guide with everything you need to know about unlocking them.

All Areas in Pet Simulator 99

All Areas In Pet Simulator 99
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Here is a list of all the areas that you can unlock in Pet Simulator 99:

Area No.Biome NameCost To UnlockFacilities
Area 1Spawn0Shop
Social Rewards
VIP only
Group Rewards
Pet Box
The Index
Area 2 Colorful Forest900 Gold Goins 
Area 3Castle2.5k Gold CoinsFree Diamonds
The Castle
Area 4Green Forest8k Gold CoinsPet Equip Machine
Area 5Autumn20k Gold CoinsTraveling Merchant
Minigame: Classic Obby
Area 6Cherry Blossom60k Gold CoinsVending Machine: Potions
Area 7 Farm150k Gold Coins 
Area 8Backyard400k Gold CoinsMachine: Egg Machine
Area 9Misty Falls1 Gold BarVending Machine: Enchants
Area 10Mine2 Gold Bars + 500k Gold CoinsMachine: Gold Pets
Area 11Crystal Caverns6 Gold BarsMinigame: Minefield
Area 12Dead Forest15 Gold Bars 
Area 13Dark Forest35 Gold BarsMachine: Upgrade Potions Machine
Area 14Mushroom Field80 Gold BarsVending Machine: Fruits
Area 15Enchanted Forest200 Gold Bars 
Area 16Crimson Forest450 Gold BarsMachine: Upgrade Enchants Machine
Area 17Jungle1000 Gold BarsFree Potions
Area 18Jungle Temple2500 Gold BarsMinigame: Jungle Obby
Area 19Oasis5500 Gold BarsMerchant
Area 20Beach10000 Gold BarsDaycare
Area 21Coral Reef30000 Gold BarsFree Enchants
Area 22Shipwreck65000 Gold Bars 
Area 23Atlantis150000 Gold BarsMinigame: Atlantis – Swim with the fish
Area 24Palm Beach350000 Gold BarsFree Items
Area 25Tiki750000 Gold BarsRebirth One
Area 26Pirate Cove1 Platinum Coin + 500000 Gold BarsVending Machine: Fruits II
Area 27Pirate Tavern4 Platnium CoinsMinigame: Fishing
Area 28Shanty Town8 Platinum Coins + 500000 Gold BarsMachine: Fuse Pets
Area 29Desert Village20 Platinum Coins 
Area 30Fossil Digsite45 Platinum CoinsMinigame: Digsite
Area 31Desert Pyramids100 Platinum CoinsMachine: Rainbow Pets Machine
Minigame: Pyramid Obby
Area 32Red Desert250 Platinum CoinsFree Diamonds
Area 33Wild West500 Platinum Coins 
Area 34Grand Canyons1000 Platinum Coins 
Area 35Safari2500 Platinum CoinsVending Machine: Potions II
Area 36Mountains6000 Platinum Coins 
Area 37Snow Village15000 Platinum Coins 
Area 38Icy Peaks30000 Platinum CoinsMinigame: Ice Obby
Area 39Ice Rink65000 Platinum CoinsAdvanced Merchant
Area 40Ski Town150000 Platinum CoinsMinigame: Sled Race
Area 41Hot Springs350000 Platinum Coins 
Area 42Fire and Ice750000 Platinum CoinsVending Machine: Enchants II
Area 43Volcano1 Platinum Bar + 500000 Platinum Coins 
Area 44Obsidian Cave4 Platinum BarsComet Shower
Area 45Lava Forest8 Platinum Bars + 500000 Platinum CoinsMinigame: Chest Rush
Area 46Underworld20 Platinum BarsChest
Area 47Underworld Bridge45  Platinum BarsVending Machine: Rare Potions
Area 48Underworld Castle100  Platinum Bars 
Area 49Metal Dojo200  Platinum Bars 
Area 50Fire Dojo500  Platinum BarsRebirth Two
Area 51Samurai Village4500  Platinum Bars 
Area 52Bamboo Forest100000  Platinum Bars 
Area 53Zen Garden2 Emerald Coins 
Area 54Flower Field15 Emerald CoinsGarden Merchant
Area 55Fairytale Meadows75 Emerald Coins 
Area 56Fairytale Castle150 Emerald Coins 
Area 57Royal Kingdom350 Emerald Coins 
Area 58Fairy Castle850 Emerald Coins 
Area 59Cozy Village2k Emerald Coins 
Area 60Rainbow River4k Emerald Coins 
Area 61Colorful Mines9.5k Emerald CoinsMinigame: Cart Ride Into Preston
Area 62Colorful Mountains20k Emerald Coins 
Area 63Frost Mountains50k Emerald CoinsSnow Merchant

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