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Choco Feast Cake Order Recipe For Cookie Run Kingdom

Check out this recipe guide for the Choco Feast Cake Order in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

The Sugar Gnomes Holiday Cake Shop is a limited-time event for the month of December. In this event, the Cookies will ask for cake orders. By fulfilling them, you will earn Coin Chocolates based on your heart reviews. Now, achieving a 5-heart review is tricky with some Cookies. They will give you confusing orders and you have to interpret them. One such tough customer is Schwarzwälder. He will order Choco Feast Cake and this guide will tell you its recipe in the Cookie Run Kingdom.


Choco Feast Cake Order for Cookie Run Kingdom

Schwarzwälder's instructions for Choco Feast Cake

Schwarzwälder will give you an instruction wherein he will mention random tiers. This changes from a player to player so pay close attention to it. Follow these instructions to complete the Choco Feast Cake Order and get a 5-heart review in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

  • When Schwarzwälder orders the cake, avoid the “What Cake?” option. You will get more instructions but your review will be affected.
  • To make the cake, select the Sweet Choco Cream base.
  • Then add the specified number of cake sheets or tiers. You can revisit the instructions by clicking on the “Recipe” button on the bottom right part of the screen.
  • On the frosting screen, select Chocolate and use 8 dollops.
  • Then, on the toppings screen, use 8 Choco Stars or Chocolate Angels.
  • After placing the toppings, click on “Complete” and then “Finish”.
  • And Voila! Your Choco Feast Cake order is ready.

Everything in this recipe is unlocked after completing the tutorial except the toppings. You can unlock the Choco Stars by reaching Level 2 in Neighborhood Cake Shop. Similarly, you can unlock Chocolate Angels by reaching Level 5 in Happy Cake Shop. If your Chocolate Angel Toppings aren’t unlocked, then you can use Chocolate Stars instead. That won’t affect your review, but you can opt for the Angels for aesthetic purposes.


That’s all from us on how to make Choco Feast Cake Order for Cookie Run Kingdom. For more helpful recipe guides like the Toppings Galore Cake, visit GamerTweak soon.