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Toppings Galore Cake Order Recipe For Cookie Run Kingdom

Check out this recipe guide for the Toppings Galore Cake Order in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom is an interesting mix of RPG and the city-builder genre. The devs of this game regularly release events through which you can get rewards. The Sugar Gnomes’ Holiday Cake Shop event was added on the account of the winter holiday season. Here, you can bake cakes based on orders by various Cookies. The orders will differ for each Cookie and completing the order will earn you Coin Chocolates. This guide will tell you how to bake the Toppings Galore Cake order for the Devil Cookie and get a 5-heart review in the Cookie Run Kingdom.


Toppings Galore Cake Order for Cookie Run Kingdom

Devil Cookie's instructions for Toppings Galore

Some Cookies will place a difficult order without the proper information. This cake order by Devil Cookie can be a bit confusing. If you ask to explain the order then it will deduct a heart from the review. To make the Toppings Galore Cake Order in the Cookie Run Kingdom, you have to follow these simple steps.

  • When the Devil Cookie comes at you with the order, do not ask “What cake?”. Doing so will affect your review.
  • To make the cake, first, select the Sweet Choco Cream base.
  • Then, add 3 tiers or cake sheets as requested.
  • Skip the frosting screen by clicking on “Next”.
  • For toppings, you will need 1x Candy Flower, 1x Sugar Snowflake, 1x Sugar Gnome Figurine, 1x Jellybean, 1x Yellow Bear Jelly, 1x Pink Bear Jelly, 1x Tart Cherry, 1x Choco Star, 1x Chocolate Angel, 1x Magic Lettering Pen, 1x Juicy Orange, and 1x Tangy Blueberry.
  • After placing the toppings, click on “Complete” and “Finish”
  • And Voila! Your Toppings Galore Cake order is ready.

Sometimes the layers may be randomized so make sure you pay attention to the requests. You can also revisit the instructions by clicking on the “Recipe” icon at the bottom right of the screen.


That’s everything from us on how to make the Toppings Galore Cake Order for Cookie Run Kingdom. For more helpful guides like the Sorbet Shark Cake recipe, visit GamerTweak soon.