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Chivalry 2 Troubleshooting Guide – How To fix Invite System Not Working Error?

How to fix Chivalry 2 party or invite system is not working, Missing Special Edition or pre-order items/currency glitch bug.

Chivalry 2 users around the globe are going through multiple bugs and errors. One of them is unable to invite a player to the party. Along with this users who have purchased Chivalry 2 Special Edition are going through a missing item error. Missing Chivalry 2 pre-order items is a glitch in the game. In this guide, we will

How to fix Unable to Invite Players Glitch in Chivalry 2?


Chivalry 2 Multiplayer Bug

In this multiplayer action game, you can add friends to your party and enjoy playing together. If you are trying to invite a player and he is seen nowhere in the game then it is a server bug. Chivalry 2 Invite system might crash or fail to work due to two common reasons. One is server overload and the second is due to an improper internet connection.

In the first case, the fix will be from the game developers. They had acknowledged this via Twitter this issue and are working on the solution. From your end just try to check your internet connectivity, and make sure your firewall is not blocking out the same. Chivalry is a cross-platform where players can play together. The same issue has been noticed among console players.


It is unclear that when the Chivalry Invite system not working will be fixed.  Another common bug reported by some players is missing items. Users who have pre-ordered Chivalry 2 Special Edition had a complaint about missing items. This s also a bug from the developer’s end. And there yet no fix for this.

Here are some basic tips and tricks on fixing various Chivalry 2 Multiplayer bugs:

  1. Check your internet connections.
  2. Check your firewall settings.
  3. If your firewall is blocking incoming connection make sure to add it to the exclusion list.
  4. Check for the latest game updates on PC and Consoles.
  5. Try to manually join the game if you are unable to connect.
  6. If Matchmaking is not working on Wifi, switch LAN.


Check our guides for detailed steps on How to Invite friends in Chivalry 2 to make sure you are not doing anything wrong. Also if you are facing a Black Screen issue on Chivalry 2 then try the link. There you can check out more basic troubleshooting tips to resolve glitches of the game. Before ending this guide here are quick steps on how to manually invite friends in Chivalry 2.

  1. Start Chivalry 2 >  and click on Invite Party Member Tab.
  2. In this new tab, you will see your list of friends you are online.
  3. You will also see the platform of online players.
  4. The best is if you are on PC then play with PC players.

This won’t cause any connectivity issues. Because of some Chivalry 2 cross-platform bug players on different platforms are unable to connect with each other.