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Chivalry 2 Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for beginners in Chivalry 2.

Chivalry 2 is out and there are extremes of either player mastering the game or being completely clueless of what is happening. This is why you need a beginner’s guide to know the tips and tricks for Chivalry 2 so that you aren’t the latter crowd. Here is a guide for beginners on the game.


Tips and Tricks To Survive In Chivalry 2

Follow these tips and tricks to survive the medieval battles in Chivalry 2:

1. Always Have An Ally Around You


Ambush Chivalry 2

The game has 64 enemy players that you will have to deal with. This will make the game very chaotic. And in midst of all this chaos, it is easy to get ambushed by enemies and getting outnumbered by them. To avoid being cornered and preferably have at least one or two allies around you so that you have a little backup.

2. Do Not Hurt Your Teammates


Save Allies

We know this is stating the obvious, but the game mechanics are such that you may unintentionally hot your teammates while attacking. For example, if you are an archer and you miss your shit, there are chances that you will hit your team member and he will take the damage for it. Similarly, with the clay pots, the moment you use one, even the allies in the vicinity will take the damage along with your enemies. So be careful when you are about to do any of your AoE damage or aiming as even your team members will take the damage of your attack in Chivalry 2.

3. Target the Right Enemy Class


Know Your Enemy Class Tip For Chivalry 2

There are some classes that overpower other classes. An important trick to survive Chivalry 2 is to know what class you have and who can you overpower and who can overpower you. We have a class guide for Chivalry 2 that will help you know better about the classes.

4. Throw Everything That You Get Your Hands On
Throw Objects

The environment of Chivalry 2 is such that you can take full advantage of it. You can basically use it in your favor. From chickens to wood logs to barrels, you can throw most of the things in the environment onto the enemies. You can also shoot at the chandeliers to drop them on the opponent team. This trick will lead to some mid to long-range damage and will keep you away from counterattacks too in Chivalry 2.

5. Missions overpower Kill Count

Chivalry 2 Mission

You can definitely have your fun with the kills and boost your ego with the kill count. However, we suggest you give more importance to the missions if you actually want to progress in the game. If you are here just for the fun, then by all means go and kill some dudes. But if the enemies complete the objective before you, you will lose the game even if you have higher kill counts.

6. Counter Moves Over Aggressive Moves

Counter Attack

Yes, we know it’s a rage-filled game. But every aggressive move will deplete your stamina way faster so remember this tip to survive in Chivalry 2 battles. So instead of just dodging and attacking, if you see your enemy perform an aggressive move, resort to countering until the enemy loses his weapon. Countering will help you regain stamina in the middle of the fight. If you are lucky, the enemy will completely exhaust his stamina and lose his weapon earning you a free hit. Make sure that your counter is successful though. A counter will also cut out any combo moves from your enemies.

6. Target the Banners

Banner Damage

Classes that have banners as their special skill will put up the banners that will restore the health of their allies in that range. The trick here is that if you see any of these banners, take them down first so that your enemies do not keep reviving and you do not keep wasting your stamina in Chivalry 2. Target the classes with this skill in the game than the other classes or else everyone will just come back from the dead and that will be a bigger problem.

7. Use the Repost Method

Heavy Attack Chivalry 2

Repost is basically when you take the initiative to slash your weapon instead of just blocking the coming moves. When your opponent is attacking you, it is natural for you to keep using block as a defense. Do not do that. Swing back your weapon right after the first block and will make you much quicker even though the enemy has a faster weapon. Use it after a counter too. Your enemy will stumble but once you counter him successfully, so use this buffer time to land a hit.

8. Go Sideways With Attacks

Sideway Attacks

Not so chivalrous we know. But hey, winners get to tell the story right? So instead of going headfirst into your opponent, attack from the side which is from behind the weapon they hold. Even if you are face to face with the enemy, use your cursor precisely and don’t go all haywire with your attacks. Slant your attacks and try hitting them from the side that they are more vulnerable.

So that is all for our guide on Chivalry 2 beginner’s tips and tricks. If you would like to know how to customize character classes in Chivalry 2, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.