Are Crunchyroll Servers Down? Check Server Status

Did you get stuck on a cliffhanger when the page crashed or froze? Check to see if Crunchyroll Servers down with our server status guide.

Were you watching the anime series from our OP MC list, but your screen got black suddenly or showed a can’t connect message? If yes, then check to find if Crunchyroll servers are down using this guide. We all know how frustrating it is when you are in the middle of an important scene and the connection gets lost or the screen freezes. Like who was the enemy, what powers was our MC going to use, and so on. The question floods our minds and the answer must come fast. But if the server is down, due to maintenance and other causes, we’ll have to wait till we can resume and get our answers.

Crunchyroll is one of the best manga reading and anime streaming services with reasonable prices. So it has over 100 million users worldwide. And with this amount of users accessing the content regularly, servers getting down is not a surprise. Though they are fast to recover, confirming if servers are the cause or not is also crucial. So read along and learn to check server status whenever you face such issues.

How to Check if Crunchyroll Servers Down (Server Status)

How to Check if Crunchyroll Servers Down
Image Credit: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a highly popular streaming service, so almost all server status sites have their sections in them. But the one we’ll suggest to use is Downdetector. There you can see the live outage and reported problems map, the last 24 hours report, reports from social media, and check the server status of many countries.

By following the link we have given, you can check the US Crunchyroll server status. But to check the server status of other countries, scroll down a little or see the right part of the screen to find the section “Check the status of Crunchyroll in other countries”. Tap on the flag of the country whose status you want to see and it will direct you there.

You can also check Crunchyroll’s official Twitter and Instagram to find if any posts regarding the server maintenance or issue were made. At the time of writing, the servers are working properly and you are free to stream there. But since it is hard to tell when the issue will occur again, we suggest you bookmark this guide and check the status whenever needed.

Hopefully, this helped to check if Crunchyroll servers are down or not. The service provides over 1000 anime to its users, so those who can’t access some of the anime are always curious to explore them. Now, we have found the solution for that, you can read this guide to watch Crunchyroll from anywhere. Also, check this other guide to learn why Crunchyroll is not working on PS5.