All Characters Of Twisted Wonderland – Playable And NPC List

These are all the playable and non-playable characters of the Disney Twisted Wonderland with their dorm and year.

Inspired by Disney fables, Twisted Wonderland has a list of amusing characters. And as the name suggests, they are dysfunctional and have villainous hearts. But they are part of the prestigious Night Raven College, so their talent is second to none. If you want to escape from this world, you have to make peace with them and perhaps there’s more to villains than meets the eye. All student characters are divided into seven dorms, twisted from classic Disney movies. And the remaining characters are college staff.

List of Twisted Wonderland Playable and NP Characters

All Characters Of Twisted Wonderland

All Playable Characters of Twisted Wonderland

  • Heartslabyul Dorm Characters
    • Riddle Rosehearts: Sophomore
    • Ace Trappola: Freshman
    • Deuce Spade: Freshman
    • Trey Clover: Junior
    • Cater Diamond: Junior
  • Savanaclaw Dorm of Twisted Wonderland
    • Leona Kingscholar: Junior
    • Jack Howl: Freshman
    • Ruggie Bucchi: Sophomore
  • Octavinelle Dorm Students
    • Azul Ashengrotto: Sophomore
    • Jade Leech: Sophomore
    • Floyd Leech: Sophomore
  • Scarabia Dorm Characters
    • Kalim Al-Asim: Sophomore
    • Jamil Viper: Sophomore
  • Pomfiore Dorm Students
    • Vil Schoenheit: Junior
    • Epel Felmier: Freshman
    • Rook Hunt: Junior
  • Ignihyde Dorm characters of Twisted Wonderland
    • Idia Shroud: Junior
    • Ortho Shroud
  • Diasomnia Dorm Students
    • Malleus Draconia: Junior
    • Lilia Vanrouge: Junior
    • Silver: Sophomore
    • Sebek Zigvolt: Freshman

NPC Night Raven College Staff

  • Dire Crowley
  • Grim
  • Divus Crewel
  • Mozus Trein
  • Ashton Vargas
  • Sam

More About the Seven Dorms

The seven dorms of Twisted Wonderland are Heartslabyul Dorm, Savanaclaw Dorm, Octavinelle Dorm, Scarabia Dorm, Pomefiore Dorm, Ignihyde Dorm, and Diasomnia Dorm.

  • Heartslabyul Dorm twisted from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Savanaclaw Dorm twisted from The Lion King.
  • Octavinelle Dorm twisted from The Little Mermaid.
  • Scarabia Dorm twisted from Aladdin.
  • Pomefiore Dorm twisted from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Ignihyde Dorm twisted from Hercules.
  • Diasomnia Dorm twisted from Sleeping Beauty.

That’s all for the Twisted Wonderland characters list. Do you find Disney-inspired games interesting and are looking for more similar experiences, if you are then check our Disney and Disney Heroes guides. And also use these Disney Movie Insiders codes to bag some free DMI points.