How To Change VOLTA Avatar name In FIFA 22

Here is a guide on changing your VOLTA Avatar's name in FIFA 22.

With the release of FIFA 22, VOLTA has made its return from the prior titles. VOLTA has got some new features like its game modes. When you first create your VOLTA avatar, you will be able to customize it to your liking. But you named your avatar incorrectly or you don’t like the name anymore. In this guide, I will explain how you can change your VOLTA avatar name in FIFA 22.

How to change VOLTA Avatar name in FIFA 22

change volta name fifa 22

Changing the VOLTA Avatar name is pretty simple. Once you have launched FIFA 22, go to the VOLTA game mode from the Main Menu. Now you will be put in the Main Menu screen or the HUB for VOLTA. There will be multiple options available, among those is CUSTOMIZE. Click on CUSTOMIZE to get into the Settings page that allows you to change outfits, play style, team info, and more. Under CUSTOMIZE, there will be an option of EDIT PLAYER, click on it to open up the player customizable options.

Over here you will be able to change almost everything about your character. The few options are about your Name and Country/Region. Over here you will be able to change your VOLTA Avatar name. Just select it and type out the name you want. Along with the Name, you can also change the Country of your VOLTA Avatar. There are two more tabs, one being ATHLETIC and the other HEAD. In These tabs, you will be able to change your VOLTA Avatar’s body shape, Gender, Position, and more. Changing the body shape will affect your Avatar’s stats like speed and jump. In Position, you can change from being an Attacker to a Defender to another role that fits your playstyle. Also, your dominant leg can be chosen and changed here.

There are plenty of things VOLTA in FIFA 22 allows you to customize your Avatar in. Hopefully, this guide was helpful for you in changing your VOLTA Avatar name. You can also check out our guides on Getting Skill Points in VOLTA and Doing a Cross in FIFA 22.