How To Get Skill Points In Fifa 22 Volta

In this guide, you'll learn how to earn Skill points in Fifa 22 Volta.

Skill points are an integral part of Volta in Fifa. These points can be allocated to upgrade your player which unlocks more of what they can do in-game. Here’s a guide on how to get skill points in Volta on Fifa 22.

How to Get Skill Points in Fifa 22 Volta

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To get skill points in Fifa 22 Volta, you have to keep winning Volta Battles. These matches return skill points every time you win a game. Here are some key pointers on how to get skill points in Fifa Volta.

  • Winning games lands you 1 skill point.
  • The difficulty of a game doesn’t determine your reward as Fifa returns a single skill point each time you win a game irrespective of anything other than the match’s outcome.
  • While you win a skill point for each game won, remember that you’ll also lose a skill point each time you lose.
  • This greatly affects your team since each and every point counts towards upgrading it.
  • The game cuts you some slack right at the beginning by assigning you 15 skill points to allocate.
  • Fifa 21 gave players the opportunity to max out at 75 skill points.
  • Fifa 22 however lets you go all the way up to 120 skill points.
  • Ensure you stick to playing teams you’re really confident of defeating since these skill trees could be adversely affected with each loss.
  • With some real amazing skill trees to allocate your skill points to, your team can really go to insane levels once you max out.
  • In theory, all you need for this is 105 wins while avoiding loss.

That’s all there is to know about how you can earn skill points in Fifa 22 Volta. Maxing out your skill points will really help you configure and tweak certain elements for your team to get them to a stage where it’s less about winning and more about exploring and enjoying the game further. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. We post similar guides, tips and tricks, and other Fifa content to help players out in-game. You can check out the same in our Fifa 22 guides section.