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How To Change Reticle In COD Modern Warfare 2? (Answered)

Check out the settings to customize or change Reticle in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has tons of guns that you can unlock to flex in front of your teammates. After the game’s initial release, many players have already started the grind and are coming across many new and old features. One of the old and mandatory features the players are looking for is the Reticle customization option. As we already know, Reticle /Crosshairs are one of the most important aspects in such FPS games. Every gamer has their own preference and likes to tweak the color or size of the Crosshair to make it look cool & unique. So if you’re also wondering how can you change your Reticle in COD MW2, then scroll down for answers.

Can You Change Reticle in MW2? (Crosshair Customization)

How To Change Reticle & Crosshair In COD Modern Warfare 2

Unfortunately, as of now you can’t change or customize your Reticle in COD MW2. That’s because the game has no option to do so. So it seems that you’ll need to use the default Reticle until the developers update the customization option. According to some speculations, the feature to customize crosshair will be added in the new upcoming update. However, this is kind of disappointing for the players because these types of options are pretty mandatory in such FPS games.

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All you can do to improve your aim accuracy in the game is by changing and upgrading to new Optics. We recommend you unlock all the Optics and try them out until you find the ideal one. Another fix to this issue is by adding a Center Dot. Doing so will guide you through all your motions and give you a better idea of your aim. In order to make the changes simply head to Interface Menu > Advanced Interface Settings.

That sums up everything about how you can change your Reticle in COD Modern Warfare 2 (MW2). While you’re here check out how you can reduce recoil & improve your accuracy in the game.