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Modern Warfare 2: Tips & Tricks For Beginners To Win More Matches

Read these tips & tricks for beginners to survive and win more matches in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mode.

The highly anticipated FPS shooter, Modern Warfare 2, is here and players around the world have already started grinding it. Trying multiplayer when you are new to this game can be quite frustrating. You will be pitched against veterans who can easily delete you once you are in their sight. So how do you get better as a beginner? In this article, we will share some tips & tricks for beginners to survive and win more matches in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mode. And even if you have played multiplayer in the previous Call of Duty iterations, we suggest you go over this article since there are significant changes in this game.


Beginners Tips & Tricks to Win More Matches in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

Tweaking settings in MW2

This game is tough, to begin with. It has a very fast time-to-kill (TTK), maps are different than the previous COD games, and the weapons can be tricky to get used to. But with these tips, you can immediately become a better player and gain an edge over your enemies. So here are some tips to win more matches in MW2.

  • Tweak your Settings
  • Make Good Use of Sound Cues
  • Learn the Map
  • Choose your Guns Wisely
  • Complete Easy Challenges
  • Use your Teammate as a Bait
  • Select Good Perks

Tweak your Settings

The first thing we recommend you do is not to jump into the game with default settings. The game offers many options Button Layout and Sensitivity. Find the right settings and you will already notice a change in your gameplay. For a more detailed explanation of the best settings for this game, you can check out our guides for a Controller as well as a Keyboard & Mouse.


Make Good Use of Sound Cues

Sound Cues are an excellent way to determine where your enemies are. You can tell how far a firefight is going or from where an enemy is approaching by using Sound. You can check out our Best Audio Settings for Modern Warfare 2 guide for detailed information on sound settings.

Learn the Map

Many veterans of the COD franchise have noticed that the maps in MW2 promote passive gameplay. Instead of running around looking for kills, you should hold down an area and try to get kills on players passing by. That being said, do not overstay your welcome as the players you killed will know your location. Learn where the players spawn and what areas are densely populated, and you will gain an advantage.


Choose your Guns Wisely

Choosing the right gun

Modern Warfare 2 offers you 51 guns to choose from. Select a few guns that you are comfortable playing with and start leveling them up. The meta is constantly changing so if the gun you leveled up gets a nerf, you can quickly choose another one. Also, choose guns according to the map. Using an SMG on a large and open map or ARs on small maps is a sure way of getting killed. The M4 is a well-balanced gun to start with while the Lachmann-556 is a beast if used right.


Complete Easy Challenges

Every day you will get a certain set of challenges like getting headshot kills with a specific gun or killing several enemies with a melee weapon. Try and complete as many challenges as you can and you will level up faster.

Use your Teammate as Bait

Now, this tip might sound wrong but it will help you survive longer in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. If you see your teammate entering the same building you want to enter then let him go first. You will confirm if the area is clear or not based on if he’s killed.

Select Good Perks

Perks in Modern Warfare 2

In MW2, there are several perks you can use to gain an advantage. These break down into three types:

  • Perks that give you information
  • Perks that take away information from enemies
  • Perks that give you a buff

For example, the Tracker perk helps you get information on your enemies, the Ghost perk makes you undetectable by UAVs or Radars, and the Fast Hands perk makes reload time faster. Select the perks wisely and you will do well in matches.

We hope this tips & tricks guide for beginners to win more matches in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mode was helpful. For more helpful articles, you can check our COD MW2 Wiki Guide soon.