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Modern Warfare 2 Best Audio Settings (Volume, Voice Chat, Channels & More)

Check out this guide to know the best Audio settings for COD Modern Warfare 2.

Fast-paced multiplayer games put your gaming skills to the test. Best reflexes and aiming skills are two of the factors determining your performance. To give it more juice, players give their best to concentrate on the environment to make predictions regarding the happenings around them. This concentration can be boosted if you have proper Audio Settings on your game. Luckily, Modern Warfare 2 is one such customizable game that allows players to change their in-game settings as per their will. If you are an enthusiast and focused gamer, then you might want the best Audio Settings for your MW2. Don’t worry, we got you covered as this article features the best audio settings you can use to enhance your gaming in COD MW2.


Best Modern Warfare 2 Audio Settings (2022)

Best Modern Warfare 2 Audio Settings

Please note that these settings are what we find best and most convenient. It may differ for some players as not everyone have the same taste in audio. Although, you can still try these Audio settings to enhance your MW2 gameplay:


Best MW2 Volume Settings

Best Modern Warfare 2 Audio Settings

  • Audio Mix – This setting is completely preference-based. Although, if you play MW2 while wearing a Headphone, then you should try Headphone Bass Boost. Whereas, the Home Theater option is the best-suited Audio mix in case you ain’t using a Headphone.
  • Master Volume – Turn it up to 100.
  • Music Volume – Turn it up to 0 as hearing in-game music won’t pass any necessary information to you.
  • Dialogue Volume – Turn it up to 90.
  • Effects Volume – Turn it up to 100 as you definitely would not want to miss any incoming enemy footsteps.
  • Hit Marker Volume – Turn it up to 50 as the sound feedback after hitting an enemy is necessary.
  • Mono Audio – Off

Best MW2 Voice Chat Settings

  • Voice Chat – On
  • Voice Chat Device – Default
  • Voice Chat Volume – Turn it up to 50-70
  • Microphone Volume – Turn it up to 100

Best MW2 Channel Settings

  • Auto-Connect At Match Start – Off
  • Mute Yourself When Connecting – On

Audio Advanced Settings

  • Juggernaut Music – Off
  • Hit Marker Sound Effects – Classic

That’s all for the MW2 Audio Settings. If you found this guide helpful, then make sure to check out our other COD MW2 guide on Best Mouse & Keyboard Settings.