How To Change Character Pronouns In Starfield

Here is how you can change your pronouns in Starfield.

In Starfield, you can change your character’s pronouns during character creation and even later on anytime in the game. Character creation often feels like a hassle and it is fine if you quickly wish to skip everything and just start playing. But not customizing your character properly, may end up with them having pronouns that you don’t want them to associate with. This especially becomes noticeable when NPCs start referring to you with those. But don’t worry here is a quick guide on how you can change them by paying a small fee.

How to Switch Pronouns in Starfield

How To Change Character Pronouns In Starfield

Players can change their name, pronouns, and appearance from Enhance Clinic. You will need to pay 500 Credits for their service. These clinics can be found in major cities and settlements like Akila, New Atlantis, Cydonia, and Neon.

One of the most easily accessible clinics is in the Commercial District of New Atlantis. Use the Transit Car to get to the commercial zone. Go to the clinic to the right of Terrabrew Coffee and approach the counter to change your appearance.

  1. Select “I’d like to make use of your services.
  2. This will take you to the Genetic Salon menu.
  3. You can change the body type, walk style, skin tone, and facial structure from here. Once you are done with those, press R to Finish.
  4. Then you will get a Complete Profile popup.
  5. Type your name and hit Enter.
  6. Now, you will get the Pronoun change option. Check the above image for reference.
  7. Press the B-key on your keyboard for PC or Y button on your controller to change and cycle your character’s pronouns. Switched pronouns can be seen beside the name.
  8. Finally, press R to confirm and save changes.

And that’s all you have to do to change pronouns in Starfield. If you are low on credits, then you can sell items in these Trade Authority locations. You can also check our other Starfield guides for more interesting topics.