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How To Change Game & Commentary Language In FIFA 22

Here is a guide on changing the game language as well as the commentary language in FIFA 22.

Football is an international game and the FIFA Franchise has made it easy to connect to every Football lover worldwide. Being international comes with its own set of problems like language. Everyone speaks different languages so today I will show you how you can change language in FIFA 22.

How to Change Language in FIFA 22


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There are multiple ways you can change Languages in FIFA 22. The first way is when you install the game from the EA Client App on the PC Desktop. Before you Install, the EA will ask you to download the game in a specific directory along with asking you your preferred Language. Another way to change it is whenever you log into FIFA 22, it will ask you in what language you want to load up FIFF 22 in. They will come with their names and respective Flags. Scroll through and select your language of choice.

Finally, the last way to change language is through your settings. From the HOME menu go to CUSTOMIZE. In CUSTOMIZE you will see the SETTINGS button, click it. Under SETTINGS, hover over the GAME SETTINGS. This will show a Scrollable Icon with a Key or Button. When you scroll the GAME SETTINGS, It will change to LANGUAGE SELECT. Over here, like when you start up the game, you will be able to select the language of your choice.


How to change Commentary Language

Changing Commentary languages in FIFA is a pretty easy job. From the HOME page, click on the CUSTOMIZE option. In CUSTOMIZE you will see a lot of options, from those click on SETTINGS. Under SETTINGS there will be an option called GAME SETTINGS, click on that. Now under GAME SETTINGS, you will have a scrollable page of settings. Scroll to the page that says AUDIO. The game will tell what buttons to press like using L2 & R2 which will get you to the AUDIO page on the Playstation.

AUDIO itself has a scrollable page of settings. You will have yet again to scroll through till you get 11-A-SIDE AUDIO. In 11-A-SIDE, you have 4 options that are available regarding Commentary in-game. The 4 options being Commentary Language, Sideline Commentator, Commentary Volume, and Stadium Ambience Volume. By changing the Commentary Language, it will change the language that the Commentators use into one of the Languages spoken widely in your region. For Example, Canada will have English, French, and Spanish as the language options.


This was all about changing Languages in FIFA 22. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in playing FIFA 22 in your preferred language. You can also check our guides on Webb App not Working Fix, and Changing Club Names in FIFA 22.