Marvel’s Avengers Difficulty Settings: How To Change Difficulty

If you want to know the different difficulty settings in Marvel's Avengers and how to change the difficulty levels, read this guide till the end.

If you are planning to play Marvel’s Avengers and are looking for all the different levels of challenges you will face in the game, you’re at the right place. In this Marvel’s Avengers difficulty settings guide, we will explain the various difficulty levels and how to change them. Also, read till the end to find out if there is a certain difficulty trophy present in the game. Let’s begin!

How to Change Difficulty in Marvel’s Avengers

The Marvel’s Avengers difficulty settings are pretty straightforward. There’s Easy, Normal, Hard and the toughest one is Brutal. Let’s take a look at how these levels differ from one another.

Easy: In this setting, the enemies will be weaker with their attacks and defenses. Parrying and dodging will be easier too since your foes will have low power level.

Normal: In this mode, the enemies will be stronger than Easy. This should be the setting you should choose if you want a well-balanced experience.

Hard: The enemies will be more powerful and you will have a tougher time entering into a parry. Ideal for those who want to challenge themselves quite a bit.

Brutal: As its name suggests, this difficulty is brutal. The enemies will be insanely powerful and can take a lot of damage. Counters to their attacks will be tough to do as well.

Now that you know the different difficulty settings, let’s see how you can change them in the game. Here are the steps for that:

  • Go to the main menu by pressing Menu button (Xbox One)/Options (PS4)
  • Head to the Settings
  • Choose Gameplay
  • Check out Campaign Difficulty

That’s where you will be able to change the difficulty settings and adjust the power level as well as other gameplay mechanics.

Is there a Difficulty Trophy or Achievement?

There is no difficulty trophy in Marvel’s Avengers, all of the trophies are based on task completion.

That’s everything about how to change difficulty in Marvel’s Avengers campaign missions. Read our other latest guides on how to use Takedowns, how to get credits, how to switch characters, how to get skill points and more.