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Valorant: 3 Reasons Why The Champions 2022 Bundle Is Not Worth It

Learn why the Champions 2022 Bundle is not worth purchasing in Valorant from this guide.

Valorant is a tactical First Person Hero Shooter game created by Riot Games. Even though you play as one of the many Agents on the Roster, you are primarily going to kill your Enemies with Guns. As such, most players love to deck out their Weapons with Skins. In celebration of VCT Champions 2022, Riot has released the Champions 2022 Bundle. It is an exclusive Skin Bundle which is one of the most premium skins you can buy in the game. But in this guide, I will show you 3 Reasons why the Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle is not worth it.

3 Reasons Why the Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle is Not Worth it

valorant champions 2022 bundle not worth

The Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle is one of the most if not the most premium Skin-set in the game, but it’s not Worth buying. Yes, you read it right as there are a couple of reasons that support the Title of this article. Those Reasons are:

  • Expensive Price Tag
  • Recycled Gun Assets
  • Recycled Sound Assets

Expensive Price Tag – Top reason Why the Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle is Not Worth it

The Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle is one of the most Expensive Skin Bundles that has been released so far. The whole Bundle itself costs 6167 Valorant Points which will roughly cost you 60 USD. That’s a pretty hefty price tag considering other Skin Bundles of that rarity provide you with more Weapon Skins. If you are not a Valorant Whale or a person who does not spend money on the game, then I highly suggest you not buy the Bundle.

Recycled Gun Assets

The Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle has some amazing & interesting mechanics for the Skins. While the VFX is top-notch, the Gun Body itself is lacking. Don’t get me wrong, The Champions Phantom Skin looks amazing but it is the Prime 2.0 Phantoms body. After seeing the fact, it is difficult to unsee it. This is like the time when the Tethered Realms Skin Bundle was released. It was a CGI Skin Set with the body of the Forsaken Skin Bundle. Although the situation is not the same, the feeling is similar. The difference between the Champions Phantom & the Prime 2.0 Phantom is the Color scheme & the VFX.

Recycled Sound Assets

The Sound Assets for the Champions Phantom are amazing. It feels crisp and wonderful when you connect Headshots with it. But like the Gun Assets, the Sound Assets are recycled. The Bullet Sound FX feels like a combination of the BlastX Phantom & the Ruination Phantom Sound FX. This is not a problem for most players but it can pose an issue for others. The Headshots won’t feel the same once you hear it.


The Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle is an amazing Skin Set, no doubt. But if you look at it deeply, the Skin Set is a mix of older skins with a new color scheme & VFX. That statement does not sound like Champions in my opinion. Riot has made top-class Skin Bundles in the past and the prime example of this are Elderflame, Prime, Reaver, Protocol, RGX, & the list goes on.

The Champions Bundle feels like a scam when compared to the mentioned Skin Bundles. One thing good about the Champions Bundle is the fact that 50% of the Bundle Proceeds will be going to every Player that participated in the Champions Tournament. Should you buy the Champions 2022 Bundle? That depends on your reasoning for getting Skins. If you want to support the Players then go for it, if not it is better to save your Valorant Points for better & unique Skin Bundles. If you really liked the VFX, Sound Design, & Gun Mechanics, then it’s your call to get the Bundle or not.

These were my 3 Reasons why the Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle is Not Worth it. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle: Release Date, Price & More.