Dave The Diver: How To Catch Horned Parrotfish

Horned Parrotfish is an unique and strange FishMon that you will find in the depths, here is how to catch it in Dave The Diver.

The Horned Parrotfish is one of the fascinating sea creatures that players will come across in Dave The Diver. You will first encounter the species while talking to Udo about the Fish Tracker and FishMon. As it is one of the strangest species, players will find it difficult to locate & capture the fish. On that, it will keep ramming Dave when he comes across it. Using Harpoons too can sometimes turn out futile against the creature as it may not do as much damage as it will to others. Although if you are wondering about some effective methods to do so, then we have got you covered. Check out this guide to know how you can catch Horned Parrotfish.

How to Catch Horned Parrotfish in Dave The Diver

horned parrotfish dave the diver

Players will find the Horned Parrotfish at depths of 35 to 50 meters in the Blue Hole. Although it is worth mentioning that they mostly spawn on weekends. Players are also notified about the appearance with the “Hunt Horned Parrot Fish” notification in the game. Here are all the methods you can try to catch the Horned Parrotfish in Dave The Diver:

  • Try to keep your distance and use ranged weapons to hit them from the back. Keeping a distance will help you avoid their ramming with ease and you will be able to kill them with a few shots. Like this, you can also use Harpoons to render them unconscious for a while.
  • Another best method to catch the fish will be to use melee weapons and harvest them. Players will have the survival knife from the start of the game. Although we recommend you to try and look for better melee weapons.
  • Players can also use the Tranquilizer Gun to put the Horned Parrotfish to sleep. Although it will take some time to tranquilize the target and once done you will have to capture it quickly.
  • The final way to capture the fish once and for all will be to use explosives like Net Bomb or the Sticky Bomb Gun. Harvest the remains of the fish afterward.

That’s everything covered on how to catch Horned Parrotfish in Dave The Diver. If you are wondering how to get tuna in the game, then we recommend you to check out our dedicated guide on it right here on Gamer Tweak.