Sims 4 Career Cheats

Check out this guide for the list of all the Career Cheats including Part Time jobs you can use in Sims 4 and excel in your career.

If you are looking to have a free but well-deserved promotion after putting in all those hours, this list of Sims 4 Career Cheats will help you achieve the job level you want. Not only will it let you achieve the success you always wanted your sim to achieve, but it will also help you unlock items & earn simoleons as you get to a higher level. With these cheats, players will be able to level up quickly and reach the most professional level possible without any hassle.

So if you are looking forward to the benefits of being the best at your workplace, here are all the Sims 4 Job cheats you need.

All Sims 4 Career Cheats to Get Ahead in the Job

all career and part time job cheats in sims 3

Use these Sims 4 Career cheats to excel in your job and snag that promotion:

  • careers.promote Activist – Activist
  • careers.promote Actor – Actor or Actress
  • careers.promote Astronaut – Astronaut
  • careers.promote Athletic – Athlete
  • careers.promote Business – Business
  • careers.promotecareers_Adult_CivilDesigner – Civil Designer
  • careers.promote Conservationist – Conservationist
  • careers.promote Criminal – Criminal
  • careers.promote adult_critic – Critic
  • careers.promote Culinary – Culinary
    careers.promote Detective – Detective
  • careers.promote Doctor – Doctor
  • careers.promote Education – Education
  • careers.promote Engineer – Engineering
  • careers.promote Entertainer – Entertainer
  • careers.promote adult_freelancer_agency_maker – Freelance Maker
  • careers.promote adult_freelancer_agency_programmer – Freelance Programmer
  • careers.promote adult_freelancer_agency_writer – Freelance Writer
  • careers.promote adult_gardener – Gardener
  • careers.promote Law – Law
  • careers.promote Military – Military
  • careers.promote Painter – Painter
  • careers.promote adult_Active_scientist – Scientist
  • careers.promote Scout – Scout
  • careers.promote SecretAgent – Secret Agent
  • careers.promote SocialMedia – Social Media
  • careers.promote StyleInfluencer – Style Influencer
  • careers.promote TechGuru – Tech Guru
  • careers.promote adult_writer – Writer

Sims 4 Part Time Job Cheats

Here is a list of all the Part Time Jobs Cheats you can use to level up and earn simoleons easily in Sims 4:

  • careers.promote PartTime_Babysitter – Babysitter
  • careers.promote PartTime_Barista – Barista
  • careers.promote PartTime_Diver – Diver
  • careers.promote career_Volunteer_E-Sports – E-Sports Volunteer
  • careers.promote PartTime_FastFood – Fast Food
  • careers.promote PartTime_Fisherman – Fisherman
  • careers.promote PartTime_Lifeguard – Lifeguard
  • careers.promote PartTime_Manual – Manual Labor
  • careers.promote PartTime_Retail – Retail Employee
  • careers.promote careers_Volunteer_SoccerTeam – Soccer Team Volunteer

How to Enable Career Cheats in Sims 4

To enable cheats on their PC/Mac on any console platform by using the cheats console in Sims 4. In the text box, you can enter the given cheats by typing careers.promote and the field of your Sims’ or the part-time job they do. Here are steps you can follow to open the Cheats Console in Sims 4 Across all the platforms:

  • PC: Press the C key on your keyboard while holding down CTRL + SHIFT.
  • Mac: Press the C key on your keyboard while holding down COMMAND + SHIFT.
  • PlayStation: Hold all four shoulder buttons on your controller.
  • Xbox: Hold all four shoulder buttons on your controller.

That’s everything covered on all the Sims 4 Cheats that you can use. For more boosts in this game, head over to our Sims 4 cheats wiki guide to find console commands for PC, Xbox, PS4 and PS5.