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How To Get Carbon Fiber Arrows In Sons Of The Forest

Eliminate your enemies from a distance with the Carbon Fiber Arrows in Sons of The Forest.

The Carbon Fiber Arrow is one of the deadliest weapons in Sons of the Forest and we will tell you how to get it. In this game, you’ll have to survive on an island swarming with man-eating mutants. So you will need all sorts of weapons to face them. And what’s a better weapon than a bow and an arrow to hit them from a distance? But unlike other arrows, you cannot craft the Carbon ones. So in this guide, we will tell you where to find the Carbon Fiber Arrows in SoTF.

Where to Find Carbon Fiber Arrows in Sons of The Forest

Carbon Fiber Arrows location
Image Credit: mapgenie.io

In Sons of The Forest, players can find Carbon Fiber Arrows in a Cave Bunker Entrance to the west of the Snowy Mountains. The location of these arrows is marked on the map above. The entrances to these bunkers are dark so make sure you have a torch, flashlight, or an IR lighter in your inventory. Here are some simple steps to find the arrows:

  1. Go to the location and press the “E” key to enter the cave.
  2. Then, follow the stony path till you reach a corridor.
  3. Head to the room at the end of this corridor.
  4. Then, look in the right-hand corner at the end of the room.
  5. Here, you’ll find the arrows laying against the wall.

Apart from these arrows, you’ll also find the 3D Printer in this bunker. And with the help of this printer, you can craft 3D Printed Arrows, the Red Mask, and much more. Make sure you completely loot this bunker before leaving as it’s important to the plot of the game.

How to Farm Carbon Fiber Arrows?

While playing Sons of The Forest, we found this glitch to farm unlimited Carbon Fiber Arrows. Follow these simple steps to make it work.

  1. Collect the arrows and manually save the game with the bed next to the arrows.
  2. Then, press Esc and click on Quit to go to the Main Menu.
  3. Restart the game from that Save Point.
  4. And Voila! you’ll find that the arrows have respawned.

This glitch may be fixed in the upcoming patches so it may not work for everyone. So try it and get as many arrows as you can if it works.

Since these arrows are less in supply, make sure you pick them up after using them. These are stronger than your regular arrows and will inflict more damage on the enemies. So make sure you don’t leave any of these arrows behind.

That’s everything from us on how to get Carbon Fiber Arrows in Sons of the Forest. For more helpful guides like How to Get Revolver, make sure you visit our SoTF section.