Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Login Issue Explained

Trying to link your accounts in CoD Warzone Mobile to get the free skins but are unable to log in? Don’t worry you aren’t alone here is what is going on with the game.

Fans of Warzone games are in for a treat because Activision has released the game for mobiles. So you and several other players now have even more flexibility and options to enjoy the game on a different platform. However, a problem that many Call of Duty Warzone Mobile players are facing is login issues. What is happening is they can’t log in to their Activision account.

Can’t Login to Call of Duty Warzone Mobile – Is there a Fix?

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Login Issue
Image Credits: Activision Publishing, Inc. Can’t sign in to CoD Warzone Mobile.

At the time of writing this guide, there is no official fix to this problem. The likely reason most players are facing it could be due to server issues. Several more players might be trying to log in at the same time than the server capacity can handle. So while many are able to play normally, others aren’t so lucky.

The problem happens because the game just kicks you back to the login page. You can check the case of Reddit user u/MK-Ermac117, in their post they say “After i put in my credentials, it asks me for 2FA code from Google, and after typing it just kicks me back to login page with no error message. Tried changing password, tried PC, tried mobile, tried asking my friend to login, tried logging with Steam, PSN,, still the same issue – kicks back with no errors after 2FA code.”

Every comment on their post also says they are facing the same issue.

For a possible fix, you could try resetting your Activision password. Thanks to Reddit user u/DUKEKHALiN, you can check their comment here. As per them, it won’t matter what platform you use to log in with, you should use a web browser and reset your Activision password. Now try logging in and there is a chance you may get the game to work.

Aside from that, you can always try the following generic fixes:

  • Restart the game.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Check the game’s server status.
  • Check if the email ID and password you are using are correct.
  • Reinstall the game.

That is all for the can’t login to COD Warzone Mobile issue and its possible fix. I suggest you check out our Call of Duty section for more on other games of this series.