Honkai Star Rail: Can’t Link Google Play Account To PC

If you can't link your Honkai Star Rail Google Play account to your PC, then you'll lose all your progress. Check out why this can happen.

Many Honkai Star Rail players are complaining that they can’t link their Google Play account to their PC. This RPG by Hoyoverse had a pre-registration period where many players downloaded it on mobile and linked their Google Play accounts to it. Now, since the game is on PC, it is obvious that players want to carry over their HSR progress to their PC accounts. However, a lot of people around the world are not able to connect their HSR Google Play accounts to PC.

Can You Link Google Play Account to PC in Honkai Star Rail?

Connect Honkai Star Rail Google Play account to PC

The straightforward answer is you cannot link your Honkai Star Rail Google Play to your PC. That feature is not yet available in the game. Players tried using several methods like VPN or Emulators but none of them succeeded.

This is a problem for many players who want to shift their progress from mobile to PC or vice-versa. Since the game already has a huge tutorial and long cutscenes, losing your progress and starting all over is a huge waste of time. However, Honkai Star Rail players can’t connect their Google Play accounts to PC yet. This feature may be available in the future. So make sure you progress on a single platform till the feature is available.

The only way you can play Honkai Star Rail on both PC and mobile is by creating two separate accounts with new emails. However, you’ll lose all your progress and you’ll have to start over again. So if you want to play the game all over to reroll new characters, you can go ahead and create new accounts.

That’s all we know about the issue where players can’t link their Google Play account to their PC for Honkai Star Rail. There are other problems like Unzip Error, and you can find the solutions in our HSR guides.