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Rainbow Six Siege Can’t Invite Friends Fix

Here are some ways to solve the Can't Invite Friends error in R6 Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege players can’t invite their friends and need a fix for this error. Online shooter games and multiplayer goes hand in hand. Sure you can play the game with randoms. But most of the time these games are best enjoyed when you play them with your squad. So without further ado, here is how you can fix the can’t invite friends error for R6 Siege.

How to Fix the Can’t Invite Friends in Rainbow Six Siege

how to fix the can't invite friends error for r6 siege

  • Log out of Ubisoft Connect and log in: This is one of the basic fixes you can try. It should work for players that bought the game from Ubisoft Connect instead of Steam.
    1. Close Rainbow Six Siege and open Ubisoft Connect.
    2. Now, log out from here and close the client.
    3. Next, launch Ubisoft Connect and log in then open the game from here.
  • Try inviting your friends now and see if you still get the error. If your other friends can join but only some of them get the error then you can ask them to try this fix as well.
  • Check your Squad Privacy Settings: When you or your friends set squad invitations to invite only then there is a chance you might get this error.
    1. Launch the game and go to Options.
    2. In the Gameplay section, Set the Squad Privacy to Open to Friends.
    3. Apply the settings.
  • You should ask your friends to do the same. Try inviting or joining them now and you should be able to play R6 Siege together.
  • Verify Game Files: Both Ubisoft Connect and Steam allows you to verify your files’ Integrity. Start scanning the game files of Rainbow Six Siege from your client. It will replace any corrupted files. Now restart your system and try playing with your friends.

That covers this guide on how to fix the can’t invite friends error for R6 Siege. For more help on this game, you should also check our guides on the best sensitivity settings and how to enable or disable crossplay.