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Fix Lost Ark Cannot Create Character Error

Here's our guide on how to fix cannot create character error in Lost Ark.

Ever since its launch, Smilegate’s Lost Ark is credited for being one of the biggest games on Steam. While players are enjoying the newly launched MMOARPG, they are a bit disappointed when they cannot play the game. As most of the servers are full, players have to wait for a long time in queue. And when the players choose a less crowded server, they are unable to create a new character in those servers. So, here’s our guide on how to fix the “cannot create character” error in Lost Ark.

How to Fix Cannot Create Character Error in Lost Ark?


lost ark cannot create character error fix
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  • The only way to fix this error is to join or wait for a less crowded server.
  • If you want to create a new character in a server, avoid the servers with long extensive queue times.
  • We suggest you get into a server with Good status rather than Busy status.

Scroll till the end to find out about this error in detail.


Why does Cannot Create Character Error Occur?

This error occurs because of the character creation limits put forth by Smilegate. According to their blog post, some of the servers will be limiting the creation of characters. These limitations will be solely for the new players that have waiting in-queue times. To avoid the server getting overpopulated, these players will neither be able to create a new character nor join the game. Mentioned below are the following servers with character creation limits:

  • Na West
    • Mari
    • Valtan
  • Na East
    • Azena
    • Una
    • Regulus
    • Avesta
  • Eu Central
    • Kadan
    • Trixion
    • Thirain
    • Zinnervale
    • Asta


Not to worry as their tweet confirmed that they will be adding new servers to manage the crowded servers. These character creation limits will be applied until an update or patch drops in and resolves the issue.

Lost Ark will be receiving an update on February 17. Due to this, all the servers will be down for maintenance for some time. If you want to check if the servers are down or not, here’s how to check the server status. While the update fixes a lot of issues, it does not solve the server issue. But as specified in their blog, they have begun their groundwork for a new region to host more servers in Europe. Although players will be able to see the new region, it will not be available to players right away.

That’s all on how to fix cannot create character error in Lost Ark. If this guide helped you, make sure to check out our guides on closed regions and locked servers, how to fix when stuck on loading screen, and can you copy character customization presets in Lost Ark right here on Gamer Tweak.