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Can The Master Sword Break In Zelda TOTK? (Answered)

Learn all about the durability of Master Sword in Zelda TotK with this guide.

Master Sword from BotW to Zelda TotK has been one of the favorite weapons of gamers for numerous reasons. One of which is its durability. Thus questions like “Does Tears of the Kingdom Master Sword break, decay, or become powerless?” are common. And to answer those queries of gamers, we have created this guide. Here you will resolve all such questions that are raising in your minds.

Can Master Sword of Zelda TotK Break?

Can Master Sword Break In TotK

Master Sword is unbreakable, but it can get discharged and become unusable for ten minutes. Thankfully, this process does not affect its durability or power. So no matter how many times it gets discharged, it will restore to its original conditions after the mentioned time.

Even though Master Sword is indestructible, its energy getting discharged in the middle of a fight can be annoying. So what can you do in such a scenario? The answer is simple, use the fuse system. Yes, this version of Zelda lets you fuse the Master Sword. Therefore players use this process to increase the action time of the weapon. Fusing the Master Sword of Zelda TotK will not only increase its durability but will also provide other powers and skills that it originally didn’t possess.

Now, if you are thinking about which materials or items should be fused with the Master Sword to increase its power. Then we have some suggestions for you. Lynel Horns, Captain Construct Horns, Light Dragon Horns, Silver Lynel Saber Horns, and Gleeok Horns should be your top priority when fusing Master Sword.

Hopefully, this cleared your doubt about the durability of Master Sword in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). And also made some helpful suggestions to enhance the effect of the weapon. If it did, and you are looking for more Tears of the Kingdom guide. Then we have got you covered. Just scroll the linked list and find dozens of helpful TotK articles.