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MW2 Camo Challenges List [Progression Explained]

Want to unlock all camos for all guns/weapons in Modern Warfare 2? Here's the list of all COD MW2 camo challenges to help you achieve your goal.

To unlock all camos in Modern Warfare 2, you will need to do quite a lot of grinding. This process involves completing challenges that need some practice, especially if you are new to the game. Here’s a guide that has the list of COD MW2 Camo Challenges that you can practice and master to eventually achieve the number of kills as mentioned in the challenge.


All COD MW2 Camo Challenges List

all cod modern warfare 2 camo challenges

These are the challenges that you need to complete to unlock the special camo for all weapons/guns at the moment. These can be tricky and get progressively tougher as you go.


COD Modern Warfare 2 Camo Challenges require you to get:

  • 50 kills
  • 50 kills while ADS
  • 10 double kills
  • 15 kills from behind
  • 40 kills
  • 20 kills while mounted
  • 15 hipfire kills
  • 3 kills without dying 10 times
  • 25 longshot kills
  • Crouch kills
  • Full & no attachment kills
  • Reload kills (Kill an enemy within 5 seconds of reloading)
  • 100 headshots
  • 50 pointblank kills

We will be sharing tips to complete these challenges faster soon, so stay tuned.


Many camos have the requirement of leveling up the weapons themselves. Thankfully, there’s a trick to farm weapon XP fast. Here’s how to quickly rank up guns in MW2.

Modern Warfare 2 Camo Progression

  • Gold Camo – Complete all Base Camo Challenges to unlock Gold Challenge
  • Platinum CamoComplete Gold Camo Challenges with all Guns of Each Weapon Type/Class to unlock Platinum Challenge
  • Polyatomic CamoComplete 51 Platinum Challenges to unlock Polyatomic Challenges (That is, unlock Platinum on all weapons in the game at launch)
  • Orion CamoComplete 51 Polyatomic Challenges (This means you need all other camos unlocked to get the Orion Camo)

If you want to know the steps to unlock the Gold camo for your weapons as well as the Platinum, Polyatomic and Orion Camos, we’ve got guides that can help you out. Click on the guides linked above or you can check out more information in our Modern Warfare 2 Wiki.