MW2: How To Level Up Guns (Fastest & Best Way)

One of the multiplayer modes will help you farm XP for your guns and level them up faster in Modern Warfare 2.

In MW2, players must level up their guns to get better results and also to have a chance at unlocking camos for them. This is crucial if you want to get the Gold and Platinum camos for your weapons which can be quite a grind. To help you out, here’s how to rank up weapons fast in COD Modern Warfare 2.

How to Level Up Guns in COD MW2 Fast (Best Way)

  • The fastest way of leveling up your weapons in MW2 is plain and simple – get a lot of kills with them. The mode you may want to focus on is Invasion multiplayer mode. All you have to do is go to the main menu and scroll down once. Find Invasion next to Ground War and hit Play. Next, click on Start to find a match.
  • Don’t forget to activate your Double XP Token if you have it.
  • Once you load up into the game, open up the map and approach the opposite side of the map where bots will spawn.

how to level up guns mw2 farm xp

Invasion Mode – Fastest way to Level Up Weapons

how to rank up weapons fast mw2 cod

To rank up your guns fast, Invasion mode is the best right now, just because getting XP from killing AI-controlled bots also counts. So, if you are facing difficulty taking down players, you can simply focus on the bots to level up your weapon quicker.

Invasion Mode is a 20vs20 battle where there will be bots on every team along with real players. It’s like a Deathmatch where you need to eliminate members of the enemy team, and it also includes a tank and a Humvee. The goal is for one team to get to 1000 points by killing enemies/enemy vehicles/aircraft and enemy Bots. As the game says – Eliminate the enemy at all costs.

The bots you are looking for will appear in the enemy spawn area or they can be seen dropping from enemy airplanes. You can camp in a building/roof or an area where bots are showing up frequently and take them down one by one.

As you keep getting kills, you will see the notification on the screen that your weapon has leveled up.

That’s how to speed up your weapon progression in COD MW2. Hopefully, this trick comes in handy to level your guns faster so that you can unlock those awesome camo challenges.

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