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The Ultimate Guide to Play Call of Duty: Warzone Solo

Call of Duty: Warzone Guide for Solo Game

In Call of Duty Warzone, teams of three players fight each other, but it is far from always possible to find partners. If you do not have friends or just want to try your luck in the battle yourself, then you should follow our 8 Call of Duty: Warzone tips that are collected in this article. Some of them are strictly related to the solo run in Verdansk, others are suitable in a situation where you originally had a team but everyone died and you have to finish the battle yourself.

1. Control the Situation


We will start our Call of Duty: Warzone recommendations for solo play with controlling the map. When left alone in Verdansk, many players immediately start to panic and, as a result, quickly go to the Gulag. In fact, in such a situation, it is worthwhile to find shelter and sit there for a while to come up with new tactics. Running alone is not the best idea, although sometimes it can work.

In a typical shootout when you are against 2-3 opponents, you will surely lose. Naturally, if your skill is at some sky-high level, then you will shoot opponents even with your eyes closed. But in this case, you are unlikely to read these tips.


You need to play solo correctly. And the first thing you should forget is the tactics that you used when landing on Verdansk with the team. Now you will need a more measured pace and, if possible, maximum control of the map.

2. Move Constantly

If you are solo, the only effective tactic is to constantly move and review the entire surrounding area to immediately determine where the enemy noticed you from. If enemy teams use UAVs or other detection tools and notice you, you will quickly change positions. Only constant movement will give at least some advantage over other teams and will help to win the battle alone.


3. Adhere to Ninja Style

The most profitable place to survive in a single-player game in Warzone is the rooftops. Only here you have the opportunity to see everything that is happening around and make the best decisions in battle. Even if opponents notice you from a neighboring building, it’s enough to use a little dexterity to quickly leave the roof.

4. Manage Your Money Correctly


Perhaps the most pleasant moment is that if you have an incomplete team, you begin to manage the finance alone. You no longer need to share it with others.

However, you still need to spend it wisely. Mostly money should go to the bombing to get a large number of series of killings. Unlike other players on the map, you can call for help from the air much faster, because you don’t have to spend money on the rest of the team and save something for a rainy day.

Also, you need to regularly buy UAVs. When there is only one person in a team, it becomes much more difficult to observe the map and the enemies that are roaming around it. The drone will be able to compensate for the absence of additional eyes, and you will be able to control Verdansk no worse than with a full team.

5. Use Melee Weapons

From the previous tips, you probably realized that when playing solo, you will have to rely more on stealth tactics and kill enemies covertly. You will often find yourself in a situation where you will almost get close to the enemy, and here the best way to kill him is a powerful weapon that does the most damage when you are close to the enemy.

It’s definitely worth carrying a shotgun or SMG with an enlarged magazine in order to kill enemies. You can pick up another gun to your taste, but it should deal as much damage as possible at close range. Then you will definitely succeed in killing at least some number of opponents alone.

6. Use Silencers

Let’s continue our Call of Duty: Warzone guide for solo game with silencers. When you stay alone, you become an easy target on the radar of opponents. The smart decision will be to use the Monolithic Suppressor, which reduces the volume of shots and hides your marker on the map during shooting. In this case, you will become less noticeable and will be able to calmly deal with opponents. By the way, Monolithic Suppressor also increases the firing range, which is also a pretty useful thing in the game.

7. Choose the Right Perks

If you initially decided to play alone, then you should choose the right combination of perks that will help you survive in Verdansk. The first slot is best placed with a Cold-blooded perk. It makes you invisible to thermal imaging cameras and AI aiming systems. Also, the player becomes immune to the Scanning Grenade. Accordingly, you are practically invisible to opponents, and even squads of three snipers will not be able to suddenly put a bullet in your head.

In the second slot, you can take the Ghost or Vigilance to choose from. The first will also make you invisible to UAVs, drones with radars, and portable heart rate sensors. Together with Cold-blooded in the first slot, you, in fact, become generally invisible on the map. The second one makes the screen blink red if enemies outside your field of vision notice you. That is, you can immediately understand that the danger is somewhere nearby, regroup and try to figure out where they will shoot from.

Almost any perk is suitable in the third slot, here you can be guided by your own taste. For example, you can try the Pathfinder perk. After activation, opponents begin to leave traces on the map, which makes it possible to hunt them down like deers. If you are going to often breakthrough, then take the Veteran perk. It reduces player exposure to enemy flashes, stuns, and EMP.

8. Be Patient

At the end of this Call of Duty: Warzone guide, we just recommend you be patient. Playing alone, you can forget about the action. You will have to slowly move around the map, constantly inspect the surroundings, and figure out where to lure the enemy or how to lure the team to some point. Without this, you will quickly die.

We hope that now you understand how to play Call of Duty: Warzone solo. These tips will help you survive playing CoD: Warzone in a situation when the rest of the squad died. If you follow them, then you will probably survive much longer in Verdansk, and perhaps even win.