How To Buy & Equip Weapons In The Hunter Call Of the Wild

Here is where to buy guns and equip them in The Hunter: COTW.

Being an open-world hunting game, The Hunter: COTW requires players to have the best weapons. The game lets players explore a wide variety of options right from handguns, sniper rifles, and even crossbows. With that being said, many players struggle to get used to the mechanics of the game. Even basic things such as buying and equipping weapons become an uphill task. However, our guide is here to help you out. We will show you how to buy guns and equip your weapons in The Hunter Call of the Wild.

How to Buy Guns in The Hunter Call of the Wild

access cache to buy weapons hunter cotw

To buy guns, you will need to access the Cache at any Outpost in The Hunter Call of the Wild. Once you interact with it, you find a “Store” option that will let you buy any gun. Along with weapons, you will also get to buy lures, ammo, sights, and more. Just make sure that you know about the best ways to make Money in the game before you visit the Store. Caches found at Outposts are the only way you can buy guns in the game. But once you buy your weapons, how do you equip them? Keep reading to find out.

How to Equip Weapons in The Hunter Call of the Wild

equip guns in the hunter call of the wild

To equip your weapons, you will have to move them from your Backpack to the Inventory. This can be done by accessing the Cache at any Outpost. But that’s not all as you will also have to equip these guns into your desired slots. Here is how to do it:

  1. After moving your weapons from your Backpack to the Inventory, close the Cache.
  2. Now, open your “Inventory”,
  3. Finally, add your weapon along with its ammo and sight into any Quick Access slot.

Now, you have equipped your desired weapon and can use it anytime from your Quick Access slot.

That’s everything covered on how to buy guns and equip weapons in The Hunter Call of the Wild. For more tips like this, head to our The Hunter COTW section on Gamer Tweak.