How To Make Money In The Hunter Call Of The Wild

Want to buy new weapons & equipment in the game? Here is our guide on how you can make money in The Hunter Call Of The Wild.

The Hunter Call Of The Wild offers players a realistic hunting experience and immersive gameplay. While hunting is the primary prospect, making money and upgrading your weapons and equipment are as important. With plenty at your disposal, you can grind your way through the campaign quite easily. But if you are just starting and wondering how exactly you can do that in the game, then we have got you covered. Here is our guide on how you can Make Money in The Hunter Call Of the Wild.

How to Earn Cash in The Hunter Call Of The Wild

There are multiple best ways to earn cash in The Hunter Call Of The Wild like hunting specific animals and completing quests.

Hunting & Harvesting in-game Animals

harvest in-game animals the hunter call of the wild

Players can hunt animals and harvest them to earn cash in the game. The cash earned can depend on various factors like the rating and integrity of the animal. There are certain objectives that you can complete to make more money like using the appropriate weapon for a class of animal or hitting their vital organs. Completing these objectives can provide you with more money than you make just by hunting and harvesting any animal. If you are someone who is just starting and want to make some amount of money to grind your way up then killing birds would be your best bet as they are easy to kill.

Another option for players to make quick money is to hunt for Canada Goose from the Wild Goose Chase Gear DLC in the game. Players can also access the Multiplayer Servers of the game and hunt down Puma, Mountain Lions, or the Merriam’s Turkey. As the first two are class 5 animals they will give you around 1300-1700 each while Merriam’s Turkey will let you earn 1000-1300 Cash.

Completing Missions

complete mission in the hunter call of the wild

There are several missions that players can complete to earn money in the game. You can interact with the Reserve Warden to start a specific mission. Similarly, players can also interact with other people around to take up certain quests and help them. With cash, you will also gain some XP to simultaneously level up in the game.

That’s everything covered on how you can make money in The Hunter Call Of The Wild. If you want to have money even more easily then we recommend you to check out our The Hunter Call Of The Wild Cheats guide, it will help you make money and other rewards in the game without any hassle.