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Halo Infinite Where To Find Bulldog Shotgun CQS48

Find out all the spawn points in Halo Infinite where you can find the Bulldog Shotgun CQS48.

Bulldog Shotgun, also known as CQS48, is a kinetic and close-range combat shotgun in Halo Infinite campaign. With an ammo count of 7, Bulldog Shotgun is one of Halo’s fastest and fatal guns. It is a shotgun with solid recoil and is optimum to use only during close-range. CQS48 can destroy your opponents in a single shot if their shields are down. It is not rare or uncommon to find Bulldog shotgun, but it appears only on specific spawn points like gun lockers, corridors, or small spaces. So it gets a bit tricky to find them. Here is our guide on all the places where you can find Bulldog Shotgun in Halo Infinite campaign.

Where to Find Bulldog Shotgun CQS48 in Halo Infinite

halo infinite bulldog shotgun cqs48

Bulldog Shotgun or CQS48 can appear in the following maps of the campaign:

  • Bazaar
  • Launch Site
  • Streets
  • Live Fire
  • Fragmentation
  • High Power

That concludes that the shotgun can spawn in six of the ten maps of the Halo Infinite campaign. The critical point to note here is to look for it in all the small spaces in the maps. The tricky part is that it can spawn in all small places like bases, gun lockers, and corridors in the maps mentioned. It may not appear in the same place once you have acquired it but you can check the place you last got it.

Remember that the above-mentioned places are just the potential places where you can find these guns, and it’s not always guaranteed that you can find them in these places.

That’s all on where you can find the Bulldog Shotgun CQS48 in Halo Infinite. If you want to know How to change the skins of your weapons? Check out our guide on How To Use Weapon Variants? and other Halo Infinite Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.